Turn The World Upside-Down!!



The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver is a loosely organized local network of dedicated radicals. RAIM-Denver fights for a world free of oppression by nations over nations, groups over groups and people over people. We fight to end imperialism, national oppression, patriarchy youth and class oppression.

We fight against those with power in the interest of those with none. Smashing imperialism is the starting point for ending all oppression. We concentrate our fight against a handful of rich First World nations which live off the exploitation of the majority of peoples in the Third World.

We want to turn the world upside-down. We advocate stripping power from the oppressors and uplifting the oppressed. We advocate overthrowing amerika’s domination of the world and distributing that power amongst the community of poor nations, which make up the vast majority of the world.

The main task of RAIM-Denver is to help build a counterculture of radicalism within imperialist amerika. We use written word, speech, art and action to promote revolutionary thought and practice. We promote a social climate of radicalism as a way to combat and organize against amerika’s empire-driven oppressor culture.

We work outside of typical activist scenes to build a revolutionary undercurrent of anti-imperialism and anti-amerikanism. We intend to lay the foundation for a broad radical underground within amerika. Don’t sit there while the everything gets tipped over and smashed. Join the movement of revolutionary anti-imperialism and help turn the world upside down!

To find out more and about how you can get involved, click on the “Get Involved” page.

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