March 17th, Rally to “Smash Imperialism at Home and Abroad”


What: Rally to “Smash Imperialism at Home and Abroad”. RAIM-Denver will be their supporting an end to imperialist aggression.

Where: Halliburton (1125 17th Street, downtown Denver) and later at the State Capitol Building

When: March 17t, Begins at Halliburton at 11 am

Alright, the rally is actually titled “Stop the War at Home and Abroad” and is brought to you by the March 17th Coalition, but RAIM-Denver will be there agitating, educating and organizing for an end to Amerikan imperialism. There will be a short protest at Halliburton (1125 17th street downtown) at 11 AM. Speaking there will be an organizer with RAIM-Denver. Following that there will be a march down the 16th Street Mall, to where the protest will continue at the State Capital Building. RAIM-Denver will also be there with an table full of literature and other information.

Towards the Struggle,

The Revolutionary Anti Imperialist Movement-Denver


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12 responses to “March 17th, Rally to “Smash Imperialism at Home and Abroad”

  1. PJ

    Amerika kills and kills and kills some more. The killing will never end until this whole pig system is overthrown. Yellow bellies always complain we have to tone it down to not offend the liberals. Fuck the liberals. Mainstream Amerika is only pissed off about the war because they aren’t winning. They aren’t opposed to mass murder, they are only opposed when it doesn’t pay off. The Iraqi people are throwing a wrench into Amerika’s plans and the mainstream Amerikans are turning tail. Amerika — you are a paper tiger. This whole rotten pigdom has to be flushed down the toilet.

  2. Child of Zapata

    Yes, let\’s stop the war at home.

    I am sick of all these illegal immigrants — SHIP THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM! They are a bunch of freeloaders living on our resources and hardwork. They owe us some serious BACKRENT. They need to pay up and ship out!


  3. sunormoon

    White ameriKa is a nation of morons. Half of them can’t even find their own country on an unmarked globe let alone somewhere like Iraq. All they do is sit on their fat asses being white trash parasites watching their idiotic game shows and saluting their tacky flag. Fuck them.

  4. This is the most vial, disgusting image I’ve ever seen.

  5. You are most likely a disgusting pig/cracker- a self denied white supremacist who won’t admit [let alone have in humanly response to] ameriKKKa’s historic and concurrent crimes. Go join the army and get killed by someone who doesn’t have running water you disgusting pig motherfucker. Or better yet, why don’t you sit your fat pig ass back on your couch…I’m sure AmeriKKKan Idol or some other nonsense will be on shortly.

  6. Wow, educated bunch we have here.

  7. Sounds to me like that only PIGS here are the ones organizing this kind of insanity.

  8. If you all hate the US so much, what the hell are you doing here?

  9. brat

    If you on this site were truly representative of what America stands for, it would be really disgusting. Fortunately, ignorant dolts like you are in the minority. You truly have NO idea what is going on in the world today. Sad bunch aren’t you.

  10. lmao

    sunormoon>” “White ameriKa is a nation of morons.”

    Anthoney> “This is the most vial, disgusting image I’ve ever seen.”


    The adjective is “vile.” White trash amerikans are barely literate. Yet, they complain that amerika should be “English only.” What a bunch of morons.

  11. lmao

    terri> “If you all hate the US so much, what the hell are you doing here?”

    Amerika invaded our land you halfwit. You need to get the fuck off. Stupid white trash illegal immigrant freeloader.

  12. Joe Crack

    I wish RAIM Denver was truly representative of what amerikkka stands for. Sadly, the semi-literate servile chauvinists spitefully slandering people standing up for the world’s majority against militarism and parasitism are very much in line with representing amerikkka.

    Bam bam… have a nice dream.

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