Ward Churchill Teach-In

Ward Churchill was a professor at the University of Kolorado-Denver; in fact, he was the head of the Ethnic Studies Department. One would think that Ward would have a pretty good understanding of First Nation histories seeing as that was his area of academic expertise, right? Well, since Ward didn’t want to chime on about how this ‘Indian’ invented so and so and how this ‘Indian’ is important because of yada yada -because he told the truth about how 97-99% of North Americans were murdered by European settlers and their settler states and how to this day Amerikkka commits similar crimes, he has come under the attacks of both the school administration and the more fascistic white-nationalist elements of Amerikkkan SSociety.
Learn more about Ward Churchill’s case and how white fascism is attempting to discredit and silence one of the most radical voices in academia..

WARD CHURCHILL TEACH-IN: A dialogue and lecture about Ward’s case and its local and nationwide impact.

When: Tuesday, March 6, 2007 at 5 pm.

Where: CU Boulder, Benson Earth Science room 180

Who: Panel including Natsu Saito, Tom Mayer, and Benjamin Whitmer

Why: To clear up misconceptions and rumors about Ward Churchill’s case and establish a safe place for a dialogue between people involved in his case and interested students and community members.

If you support academic freedom or even if you just want to express your opinions, please come out for this event!! Free and open to the public.

Brought to you by Students and Faculty for Academic Freedom.

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