The myth of the all-powerful richest 1%

While it is true that the ruling class of ultra-rich are the ultimate enemy of the world’s people, the fact that they are the current “ruling class” does not magically keep them in power- nor does it mean that they are solely responsible for maintaining their rule. If the ultra-rich pitted themselves against an overwhelming majority of people everywhere, they would be quickly overthrown. To counteract this, imperialism has adopted a strategy of building social and material alliances with its national working class. When such an imperialist class forms an alliance with the “masses” of its own nation in respect to oppressing peoples all around the world, this nation, in its entirety (its imperialist bourgeoisie and its bought off working class), is called an oppressor nation. Amerika is the leading oppressor nation today and this social reality is reflected in all aspects of Amerikan society.

The soldier who is only doing his job

As already mentioned, the fact that U.S. Imperialism exploits and dominates the entire world permeates every aspect of Amerikkka. This is especially true with the United Snakes military. Essentially the U.S. military is the armed wing of U.S. imperialism: the rent-a-pigs for the global ruling class. But when we look past simple analogies we see the true nature of the troops: they are there to exert direct armed aggression for the purpose of maintaining Amerikkka’s financial dominance over the world. This includes killing people towards that end. So the “job” of any soldier, regardless if they ever enter into direct combat themselves, is to facilitate armed aggression against oppressed people- to kill and enslave people for imperial conquest.

The “innocent” Nazis

When the Nazis got the shit kicked out of them by the Soviet Union, the rabid German aggressors were made to answer for their inhuman crimes. These Nazi war criminals came up with a number of rather weak excuses for their genocidal undertakings just like Amerikkka troops and their sympathizers do today. They said, “I was only doing a job,” “I never killed anyone,” and “if I didn’t do it someone else would have.” The main difference between Nazi Germany and its fascist troops and Imperialist Amerikkka is that Amerikkka has yet to be brought to justice.

The bottom line

RAIM-Denver is a group of humanitarians. We do not like violence. Unfortunately, U.S. Imperialism is the most murderous and exploitative system that the world has ever seen- its violence is unparalleled. We can’t ignore this and we can’t ignore the fact that it is U.S. troops that murder Iraqi people. RAIM-Denver is not a liberal organization. We don‘t tip-toe around issues. We don’t pretend to be supportive of fascists and we aren’t friendly to people who kill for empire. We don’t pretend to support the troops. Instead, we support the people who are being killed by U.S. troops. We support the real victims, not fascist murderers. Fuck the Troops.

Beat Back Oppressors and Aggressors Everywhere!

Death to AmeriKKKan Imperialism!

Victory to Iraq!

Victory to the Oppressed!

Also check out Fuck The Troops: The Video


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  1. You truly are garbage, and,
    typical of today’s American 20 & 30-nothings!


  2. Please write all reactionary diatribes in complete and grammatically correct sentences. It’s hard to understand you stupid fucking ameriKKKans when you can’t even write your own sacred english correctly.

    Second, you are not even saying anything. Perhaps you’re too feable minded to form some sort of logical argument countering the message we bring.

    So instead of deleting your comment, we’re going to leave it just to remind people just how stupid and reactionary ameriKKKans really are.

    • jday

      “feable minded” ? Please write all reactionary diatribes in complete and grammatically correct sentences. You might try spell check while your at it.

  3. OF course the US military is a criminal organization, check the movies there:http://thejoyofkilling.blogspot.com/

  4. Jim C

    You say that America is oppressing people around the world. How are we doing that? Our troops have gone in and liberated Iraq from an oppressive dictator that put his own citizens through wood chippers, and he gassed the Kurdish people in northern Iraq.

    As far as the war in Afghanistan; that was in response to the attacks of 9-11. Surely you aren’t stupid enough to claim that our actions in Afghanistan aren’t justified.

    • Fintan

      Where do you think that Saddam Hussein got those chemical weapons from? America. That’s right. Those tens of thousands of gassed Kurds died because the American government supplied the Ba’athists with a hell of a lot of weapons.

      Hussein invaded Kuwait, yes. Then what did he do? I’ll tell you – he offered to withdraw all his troops in return for the American government agreeing to allow a regional conference on issues such as the Israeli-Arab conflict. The US rejected the proposal, having first done a poll asking the public what they would think of such a proposal if it ever materialised (the public showed overwhelming support for it, even though it was presented as a hypothetical and not concrete.) The Americans rejected diplomacy out of hand and violated international law (not to mention any reasonable moral law) by invading Iraq, whereupon they proceeded to slaughter tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, most of whom were civilians. Now, after the Persian Gulf War, Hussein started massacring the Kurds in northern Iraq and the Shiites in the south (who had rebelled against his dictatorial regime.) The US military then prevented Hussein’s generals from deposing him and only went into northern Iraq to help the Kurds after a massive public outcry.

      So, not only did the Americans at first openly support Hussein’s Iraq, they then allowed him to stay in power and continue killing people after he could have – and should have – been deposed. They then imposed illegal sanctions, which pushed the country even further back into the Third World and led to the deaths of over one million people.

      The purpose of the 2003 invasion was not “liberation”, or indeed anything even remotely along those lines. The plan was to establish a client state in the heart of the world’s oil producing region. And they’ve nearly succeeded. The military has successfully installed a puppet government in Baghdad, and they are currently working on constructing a huge, permanent military base in Iraq. The intention was never liberation or peace, it was the wish to increase American hegemony in the Middle East and create a dependent client state. They have nearly succeeded.

      Now, even staunch opponents of the Iraq War support the war in Afghanistan. Ron Paul, for example, the Texan Congressman and 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate, supports a non-interventionist foreign policy and yet initially supported the invasion of Afghanistan. Of course, the Taliban were also one-time US allies, and the very notion that the US-UK alliance (or the “Coalition” as idiots insist on referring to it as) are there to fight against Al-Qaeda is nonsensical. Al-Qaeda don’t exist. There are clandestine terrorist cells calling themselves Al-Qaeda, but they have no links to one another. They’re not like the Provisional IRA or Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades – they’re not an organisation, they’re a psychopathic franchise. Furthermore, look at the statistics for the nationalities of the 9/11 bombers:

      Saudi Arabian – 15
      United Arab Emirates – 2
      Egyptian – 1
      Lebanese – 1

      Tell me then, why didn’t the USA invade Saudi Arabia? After all, it’s a repressive, totalitarian regime, it’s the source of most Islamic fundamentalism and it’s got plenty of oil. Well, Saudi Arabia is an ally of ours, plus their economy is sufficiently neoliberal for Western corporations to make vast profits out of it. We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan for imperial and financial reasons. It was nothing to do with “fighting for freedom”, or any other jingoist propaganda that the corporate media throws at us.

  5. FcukAmerica

    The American brownshirts like “Jim C” are still spouting their media-fed lies about the USA’s wars.

    This clown desperately regurgitates official American propaganda that the USA attacked Iraq in order to “liberate it from an oppressive dictator.”

    Like America in general, the average flag-waving USA drone simply cannot stand to face the reality that AMERICA IS THE OPPRESSIVE DICTATOR in Iraq.

    America’s military is an occupation army that is guilty of murdering, torturing, raping, and ultimately destroying Iraq society itself.

    These American patriots pretend not to have heard of American military crimes like Abu Ghraib torture, the Fallujah Massacre, the Haditha Massacre, or the use of chemical weapons like White Phosphorous against the Iraqis.

    And over 600,000 Iraqis have so far been murdered as a result of America’s aggression against Iraq–a war that any honest person knows is based upon US media lies about non-existent “weapons of mass destruction.”

    Support the troops?

    If you support US troops, you support the American military war machine that is guilty of these and other crimes.

  6. It should be pointed out that this latest war of aggression against the Iraqi people is merely a continuation of the first “Gulf War” and the following 12 years of sanctions. To say amerika only has the blood of 600,000 Iraqis on its hands is to underrepresent what is in reality millions of Iraqi deaths. For more info on this topic check out On The Justice Of Roosting Chickens by Ward Churchill.

  7. FcukAmerica

    You’re right that America committed equally horrific crimes against Iraq since the early 1990s at the very least. The USA killed hundreds of thousands in Operation Desert Storm and similar numbers through its UN proxy sanctions.

    Clinton Regime Sec. of State Madeline Albright chillingly said that, despite the impact of these economic sanctions on Iraqi children, the price was “worth it.”

    Here is even more documentation of terror that America is currently inflicting upon Iraq, which of course is swept under the rug by the US media:

    “Is the United States Killing 10,000 Iraqis Every Month? Or Is It More?”


  8. brandon beisel

    82nd airborne infantry here. tell ya what, pick up a rifle and pick a time and spot to meet me and ill show you what happens to whiny liberal pussys….DEATH TO ALL FAGGITS WHO TALK SHIT ABOUT AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. paper tiger shredder

    Oh, so Mr. Beisel wants to take out his jingoism and homophobia by shooting “liberal pussys (sic)”. Obviously his army training didn’t include grammar lessons. Brandon is typical of most of these foot soldiers of imperialism, probably committed atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Keep on writing Brandon, you just prove RAIM’s point.

  10. Nagy

    Well seeing how you neo-communists sure are living it up in the United States! I think you are part of the “opressor” class yourselves. You have the right to disagree and even despise your homeland while benefitting from what it provides. Sorry but I can’t take you very seriously.

    If it wasn’t for Imperialism none of you would even be here in the United States (unless you are willing to give everything you have back to the Indians (aka Native Americans). Something I have yet to see one American Marxist do.

    So before you start ragging on Imperialism (which isn’t a bad thing as history proves) you need to put your money where your mouth is, take up arms and see if you can make your pathetic little destroyed Marxist dreams reality. Paper mache Marxists like your organization are really pathetic in organization, numbers and ability.

    Being a former member of the radical left myself at one time. I know your idiocy firsthand. You just can’t handle the fact that Marxism failed ideologically, economically and militarily and was used to furthur IMPERIALISM under the sugar coating of Socialism.

    So go and get a job and make yourselves worth something to the market driven society you live in; instead of bashing our brave soldiers! You morons need to accept the bitter truth that socialism only promotes the mediocre like yourselves over the more capable!!

    By the way, what was the Soviet EMPIRE all about? Just ask any Pole, Hungarian or Lithuanian that now lives in a NATO country?

    Marxists like you are truly sad!

  11. jehc0b

    Through a quick scan of RAIM’s blog you would see that they don’t promote Marxism. You must be delusional or drunk. Judging by your rant, I’d say a little of both.

    RAIM-Denver isn’t running around pretending to be a part of some globally oppressed supra-class. That seems to be the M.O. of every other ‘radical’ and ‘Marxist’ trend that you prolifically spoke about. RAIMers sometimes talk about nation-traitorism: acknowledging that one comes from an oppressor national/class background, rejecting that outlook and taking up the cause of the globally oppressed. No one around RAIM is denying that they materially benefit from imperialism. They advocate taking that privilege and using it against the basis of it; imperialism. I think it’s quite noble.

  12. bang on reactionaries

    “Well seeing how you neo-communists sure are living it up in the United States! I think you are part of the “opressor” [sic] class yourselves. ”

    This guy sounds like a knee jerk reactionary. He was probably surfing the internet, looking for unreleased Abu Graib pictures to jack-off to, when he stumpled across this post. Had he have taken 5 minutes to look through the blog, he would have immediately seen that RAIM isn’t a ‘marxist’ group and nor do they represent themselves as part of some oppressed class.

    He goes on to say that imperialism is a ‘good thing’ and then, one paragraph later, is deriding ‘marxism’ as a tool for imperialism. I don’t necessarily disagree with the second point (indeed imperialism has before taken a veil of ‘socialism’), but since Naga likes imperialism one would think he likes Marxism also.

    He says that RAIM is pathetic in things like size, ability, etc. This person has no clue about RAIM. He’s making more accusations. Speaking of abilities. It seems like Naga only has the ability to leave ranty comments on random blogs. And by all accounts, he’s not even good at that.

    Take a breath naga.

  13. filo

    Looking at the recommended reading list, RAIM-D distributes various materials. Some of the readings are by authors who identify as Marxist, some are by authors who identify as critics of Marxism. It looks as though RAIM-D is seeking a broad unity among all of those who seek the destruction of the white nation, national liberation, genuine self-determination and return of the land to the oppressed nations. Sounds great to me!

    At least one of the authors listed who identifies as a Marxist in the recommended readings explicitly identifies the Soviet Union of his day as “social imperialist,” which means “socialist in word, imperialist in deed.” This is similar to the idea of “social fascist,” which means “socialist in word, fascist in deed,” which describes most of those who identify as Marxist or socialist in the first world today. Or, for that matter, we could talk of “anarcho fascist” or “anarcho imperialist,” which would be good labels to apply to legions of white chauvinists waving the circle A. No doubt, imperialists, white chauvinists and compradors can wave any number of flags to sabotage true national liberation. Imperialists and their running dogs have proved very adept at disguising themselves. It’s important to get past labels and look at the content of what is being put forth.

    I find RAIM-D refreshing. From what I can tell, they are doing a lot of good.

  14. Goliathisdead

    Nagy says: “If it wasn’t for Imperialism none of you would even be here in the United States…”

    Exactly! If it wasn’t for imperialism crackers like you would not be here. In fact the United States would not be here and the world would be a better place.

    However we can’t change the past, but Nagy has a solution for the future. “… to give everything you have back to the Indians (aka Native Americans).”

    Nagy is right to mock this solution, it is totally crazy to think that cracker amerikkka would give anybody anything other than a bad case of napalm burn. See, crackers don’t know how to give, only how to take. That is the nature of the white oppressor nation, it just takes and takes and takes.

    A more realistic solution, is for the oppressed nations to take back what belongs to them from the pig oppressors. That’ll work nicely.

  15. ‘-Isms’ are merely labels used to describe a particular body of ideas. Rather than addressing the particular ideas in ‘Fuck the Troops,’ Nagy derides it and us as ‘marxist.’ This reveals a lot in terms of the weakness of his/her argument and general thinking.

    RAIM-Denver doesn’t push ‘Marxism,’ or any ‘ism’. We push a body of ideas and stances. For the purpose of brevity, this body of ideas is described as Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism. This does not mean we categorically support anything labeled as ‘revolutionary anti-imperialist.’ This is where addressing the substance and not the label comes in.

    RAIM-Denver does promote a limited number of works by various Marxists. We also do the same thing with Anarchism and also Ward Churchill [who fits into neither category]. We promote them on the basis of their ideas. Insofar as ‘Marxism’ or ‘Anarchism’ serves the world’s oppressed peoples, we support it. If someone uses ‘Marxism,’ ‘Anarchism’ or any other ‘ism’ to provide cover for imperialism, we must recognized that persyn and their ideas as reactionary no matter what they are calling themselves.

    Speaking for myself, real Marxism, real anarchism, real feminism, and real environmentalism primarily serve the interest of the world’s oppressed masses. If something calling itself a particular ‘ism’ is not, then it should be understood as being reactionary in substance. In my opinion, real Marxism, anarchism, feminism, and environmentalism are all embodied in revolutionary anti-imperialism and the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement-Denver in particular.

  16. Razor

    “The point of public relations slogans like “Support our troops” is that they don’t mean anything… That’s the whole point of good propaganda. You want to create a slogan that nobody’s going to be against, and everybody’s going to be for. Nobody knows what it means, because it doesn’t mean anything. Its crucial value is that it diverts your attention from a question that does mean something: Do you support our policy? That’s the one you’re not allowed to talk about.”

    Noam Chomsky

  17. A.s.

    The brave Iraqi freedom fighters killed 5 amerikkkan murderers today. lol @ when people go to the airport to spit on the troops when they come back and to call them “rapists” and “murderers”.

  18. Prekezes

    Thats an understandable and genuine anti-imperialist line you have there.Marxist or not,anarchist or not it serves the anti-imperialist cause while many “super marxists” or “ultra anarchists” use their ultra deep analysis to support imperialism.
    “To counteract this, imperialism has adopted a strategy of building social and material alliances with its national working class. When such an imperialist class forms an alliance with the “masses” of its own nation in respect to oppressing peoples all around the world, this nation, in its entirety (its imperialist bourgeoisie and its bought off working class), is called an oppressor nation.”
    Unfortunately,i would add that imperialism can buy (and has bought) other nations too in order to turn them into its allies.Hopefully,time is running out.

  19. Ronaldo

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Our troops are no better that those who kill innocent people in the past.

  20. Don

    I speak from experience as a former member of the military when I say a resounding Fuck the Troops! There was a time when I bought into the brainwashing and lies. There was a time when I believed all of that patriotic nonsense. I was recently in a foreign country where the FEN (Forced Entertainment Network, military propaganda machine) forced their views of patriotism and love of america upon the viewers. Well, I have become enlightened. Our military are killing innocence people, in an unlawful war for oil. We are spending millions of dollars, much of it wasteful, to support this unlawful effort. Yet, I am expected to be sympathetic to the fate of our military? They post the pictures of dead military personnel in the paper to solicit pity and sympathy, are you kidding? Memorial Day, what a joke; a day of glorification to murders and rapists. I cannot and will not waste emotions on those who are undeserving. I applaud the youth of america who are turning their backs on the military and america.

  21. Kent

    Well I just want to say this kind of hurts a little… I’m sorry for being in the military but I don’t think that there is one of us over here who wouldn’t rather be somewhere else; back home with our families. I realize you are just saying your opinion but I don’t think you fully grasp what it’s like over here… maybe you do but my point is I’m not a rapist and I’m no murderer I just do what I have to do to survive and I’m kinda sorry that you people sitting in your comfy houses back in safe places don’t see that. Sorry for wasting your time but dammit you come and trade me places you don’t know how good you have it.

  22. TIRO

    Fuck you damn crackas dissin RAIM. I wish we had RAIM in Boston where we have a liberal-cracker infestation. I wanna fucking start one. Tired of Trotskyites, Maoists, phony Communists; this is the real shit. Long Live the People’s War!

  23. Goliath is Dead


    You are now RAIM-Boston if you want to be. Feel free to download any of the materials on this site a distribute freely, or create your own as you need. Please keep in touch and share how things are going. We need all the comrades in this struggle we can get. Good Luck.

    All Victory to the Oppressed!

  24. Don

    Now this is the ultimate in “Fuck the Troops:”

    “Prior to the U.S. led invasion of Iraq, Columbia University hosted a six hour “teach-in” conference attended by around thirty of Columbia’s faculty. They took turns castigating President Bush and his plan to invade Iraq. The leftists also heard from Nicholas De Genova. De Genova is a professor of anthropology and Latin American studies who hates the military.
    During the six hour “protest,” De Genova said “The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the US military.” He encouraged junior enlisted and junior officers to murder their superior officers. He also wished for a “million Mogadishus,” referring to the 1993 battle where 18 American soldiers were killed and more than 70 wounded.”
    Now this is hardcore!

  25. C.

    as a us citizen(I refuse to call myself American), I’m thankful for your website. People need to know the truth… and this war isn’t the worst this country has done. It’s been corrupt since the very beginning and I believe the rich, white christians are mostly to blame.

  26. Ex-trooper

    I am an ex-trooper. I was wounded in Afghanistan. I am in total agreement with your bold statement. It is about time someone had the courage to stand up to this “hate the war, love the troops” bullshit. To truly oppose imperialist war, it is necessary to break the back of the cult of the warrior. That is how we break the back of US militarism. We can’t let anyone off the hook.

    Right on. Keep up the good work. Don’t let the sellout phonies who make their careers in liberal activism tell you any different. Love ya!

  27. Don

    I must agree C. Being an atheist, if you look back in time most wars were started because of religion. Those religious, idiots that sit in DC, especially the one in the white house are to blame.

  28. N

    I disagree with both of you. It’s not like some tiny cabal, or even a very large one, has some sort of omnipotent power over a nation. Hell, half of the time two parents can’t completely control one child.

    In reality, wars such as Iraq are a result of social forces. Amerika is fueled by global exploitation: from Exxon profits to the average Amerikan’s ability to exist as they do. Is it really a surprise that Amerika routinely uses violence to maintain such a system.

    As for religion. The main contradiction is not between religion and the people. It’s between the imperialism and the masses it exploits.

    Religion, and more specifically its expressions, have certain characteristics in regard to this main contradiction. Did not Liberation Theology play a positive role in regards to this dynamic in Central America. Likewise, today Islamic expressions of anti-imperialism are doing more to combat global systems of oppression than all the atheism in the world combined.

    Atheists should recognize the above fact, that expressions of religion have a very real character in regards to specific dynamics. Likewise, those claiming to be be atheists should try to recognize the limitations of religions expression towards anti-imperialism without belittling or working against metaphysically-orientated anti-imperialists. Anything else is a ‘religious’ view of social evolution.

  29. Dee

    Fuck the troops. They are little fucking Nazis. “Just following orders,” they say. They are carrying out a fucking genocide. These troopers that America loves are the front line foot soldiers of mass murder. They are rapists. They are mass murders. They are thieves in someone else’s house. A civilized world shun these scum. And, if you can’t handle the truth, then fuck you too. It is time to speak the truth. I do not love the troops. I do not support the troops. I hope they get what is coming to them. If a few troopers change their tune and start behaving like civilized members of the human race, then I’ll welcome them. But until then, fuck them.

  30. don

    N, there is a cabal, it is called the bush administration. They’re nothing more than 21st century Nazis. Then you have the so-called senate and house, which are made up of worthless, get-rich pigs that refuse to standup to him. The bush Nazis have had too much power and the military has been their strength and source of power. I will agree with you that Amerika’s thirst for oil and global expansion is to a large part why the bush Nazis invaded Iraq, make no mistake about that. Yet, the catalyst for the bush Nazis to illegally invade Iraq were the actions of regilious fanatics. Over the centuries in most cases, but not all, religion and religious beliefs has been at the heart of many wars. I sincerely believe that the abolishment of religion, its symbology and the banning of its teachings would go a long way toward solvving many of the world’s problems. The masses have become brainwashed by the concept of religion. Now, if as you suggest these Islamic movements were just anti-imperialistc and their hatred was toward the global expansion, I could understand, but I do not believe that to be the case.

    Dee, very well said. I have spoken to some of these murdering rapists. For many they enjoy the idea of being able to kill without punishment and to commit crimes without fear of retribution. Does anyone really think that those marines who killed that family were innocent? It was simply a thrill kill for them. Oh and then our government passes a bill giving these criminals funding to go to school, while we have people living here, you have not committed a crime, struggling to make it in college.

    I would ask all those have had the dishonor of serving in the military to use independence day not as a celebration of this sick country and to honor the military, but use it as a day to break away from the ideas of patriotism and the serving of this country. Proudly, state “Fuck the Troops” and “Fuck the Military.”

  31. here’s a little cartoon to celebrate the perforation and ventilation by any means necessary of the USaNazi Gestapo in Iraq …

    “GameBoyz … on Tour”

    Keep up the great work, and always support your friendly local Resistance Unit “;0))

  32. truthbetold


  33. Tyler


    You are obviously not well read. Saddam was put there by the United States. Those atrocities would not have been committed were it not for American support of his regime that continued up until the First Gulf War when he disobeyed (or for all we know obeyed) our order to invade Kuwait, after which we used that pretext to murder Iraqis, not just with outright military aggression, but also with economic sanctions against the Iraqi people for the Clinton years. Over a million Iraqis over the last 20 years have died as a direct result of American intervention. Read some honest scholars in foreign policy like Chomsky and study politics and your perspective may change. Thank you for reading.

  34. i am so excited i found this site. i will immediately support and endorse it on my blog! other good ones: americanempireproject.com and dissidentvoice.org. america is obviously the most dangerous, militaristic empire of all time, and could easily start ww3 if not put in check, and i mean goddamn soon!

  35. the biggest problem is that americans don’t read and are therfore ignorant of their own horrible american history and don’t get the truth baout iraq, russia, etc etc. they get their news from fox and other pro america is always right networks

  36. jason

    hey dumass i hope u burn in hell u peice of shit

    and by the way ameika is spelled america not amerika stupid peice of shit

  37. john

    if America is that bad get out of it. as for iraq, kill em all. i am a US Marine to be and I will gladly shit down yall’s throats. USA! USA! USA!

    -A proud American
    (shut your holes people, i don’t care what you say or think.)

  38. Adam

    I personally hope you are massacred bvrutally, horribly and soon. Then some of us can post pics of your corpse on the web in such a context and say “fuck idiot pricks”.

    Thank you for you time.

  39. I agree man.

    What do the troops fight for? Do they fight for our “freedom”? First of all, can foreign enemies (AKA world leaders who go against the USA’s global interests) take away our freedom of speech or freedom of assembly here in the US? No. Only our leaders can limit our freedoms. This war is not about “freedom”; it, and pretty much every war this country has fought in, is about US imperialism and power. That’s what we start wars for, that’s what our troops are fighting for. Fuck the war and fuck its supporters.

  40. Reader

    “You are obviously not well read. Saddam was put there by the United States. Those atrocities would not have been committed were it not for American support of his regime that continued up until the First Gulf War when he disobeyed (or for all we know obeyed) our order to invade Kuwait,”

    The US diplomat told Saddam Hussein “But we have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait.

    I was in the American Embassy in Kuwait during the late 60’s. The instruction we had during this period was that we should express no opinion on this issue and that the issue is not associated with America.”

    It’s entirely possible that Saddam Hussein interpreted this as permission from the US. While social forces are mostly the cause of the course of history, individuals do make a difference in the particular manner that history unfolds, and this may be one of those times.

    Also, not directed at you, but… I wish you all (commenters) would focus less on denouncing people personally. RAIM doesn’t do that, why do you? Denounce reactionary ideas, denounce reactionary movements, denounce reactionary groups, but an individual always has a mind and a heart, buried deep beneath a lifetime of indoctrination…

  41. Anti-Amerikkkan

    The pro-Amerikkkan jingoism posted here should not be allowed in the future. It is nothing but trash. Unless it is worth criticizing for the illumination of other readers, it should just be deleted.

    Saddam hU$sein was a lackey of u$ imperialism. The u$ fell in love with him fifty years ago after he killed his own brother-in-law for being involved in communist politics. Unkkkle $ham loves any lap-dog who’ll do the u$’s dirty work. So it helped to install Saddam hU$sein in power and then shored him up with military and financial aid for the next thirty years.

    Well, u$ lackeys have a habit of ceasing to be useful, and then their Yankkkee master turns them into public enemy #1 and gets rid of them–possibly even making a huge media spectacle out of the color of their underpants (as happened to Noriega). It’s clear that the united $nakes and its puppet Kuwait provoked lackey Saddam hU$sein into an action that would jU$tify the imperialist domination, invasion, occupation, and destruction of Iraq.

    It is estimated that the united $nakes and its “coalition” of lackeys have caused the deaths of more than 2 million Iraqis in the past two decades of Amerikkkan terrorism in Iraq. Amerikkkans who support u$ military and economic efforts to destroy and control Iraq are war criminals. Note that I did not say just Bush and Cheney; I point a proletarian finger at the MAJORITY of Amerikkkans. Very few people in the united $nakes take a consistently anti-imperialist line that opposes the Yankkkee subjugation of Iraq on internationalist, not Yankkkee-chauvinist, grounds.

  42. don

    Here is what we need to see more of in fucking amerikka. Some in your face protests against the fucking troops when they come home.



  43. Jamaican Lesbian

    I agree with you guys. I have NEVER supported the war. It’s kinda personal for me coz I hate the troops and what they’re doing, my own cousin is a US $oldier. He says that it’s OK to kill and rape innocent Iraqis coz they don’t beleive in God and the Bible. Says that Non Christians ain’t human. I had a big fallout with him when I came out as a lesbian. He called me all kinds of things like muff diver and godless commie whore. When I joined the local Communist party he disowned me. Fuck the troops. Hope they all die.

  44. Jamaican Lesbian

    @ Dan, There is a Sci Fi book that deals with a religion free future. It’s called “Horus Rising” by Dan Abnett. I agree with you. Religion should be outlawed. Just look at the Misogeny and homophobia that exists in my homeland Jamaica. Lesbians like me are subjected to “Corrective Rape” for fuck sake. Fuck the troops coz they back and support the filthy fucking asshole religious right and their anti gay, anti woman, theocratic, imperialist agenda.

  45. don

    I hope all are celebrating this memorial day properly, giving a loud Fuck the Troops! This day should be for thinking about all those that have been killed by the storm troopers, and not for the murders. Go out today and remove a flag, piss on a grave of a veteran. Give them their due respect.

    By the way, welcome Jamaican Lesbian

  46. Nation-traitor

    I like the “million Mogadishus” line above. It is correct to advocate the defeat and destruction of the united $nakes. And this is an issue that separates the sheep from the goats on the “left.” Most First World “leftists” are First World chauvinists at heart. They’re no comrades of mine.

  47. don

    Their own words:

    “It has often been remarked but seldom remembered that war itself is a crime. Yet a war crime is more and other than war … It is an act beyond the pale of acceptable actions even in war. Deliberate killing or torturing of prisoners of war is a war crime. Deliberate destruction without military purpose of civilian communities is a war crime.” Article titled: Will American war crimes be revealed?

    “On several occasions our convoys came upon bodies that had been lying on the road, sometimes for weeks,” said Marine Corps veteran Vincent Emanuele, who served in al-Qaim near the Syrian border in 2004 and 2005.

    “When encountering these bodies standard procedure was to run over the corpses, sometimes even stopping and taking pictures, which was also standard practice when encountering the dead in Iraq,” he told the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which organized the hearing.

    “This is a picture that I’m very ashamed of, having posed with this dead Iraqi as a trophy picture,” he said. “But what felt awkward to me at the time was not so much that I was taking the picture, but the fact that I had not killed this man and I was taking a trophy from somebody else’s kill.”

    Kokesh said the person in the trophy photo was an innocent civilian whose car was accidentally “lit up” by marines.

    And yet they wonder why we proclaim fuck the troops! Imagine the Amerikkkans outrage if it were the bodies of their pigs being ran over by vehicles. It sickens me to read about such atrocities occurring to innocent people.

    Fuck the troops and Amerikka!

  48. john

    i am thrilled that 45 american baby destroyers have been killed so far this month in afghanistan.
    they are scumbag foreign occupiers. and nope, u$ is never leaving. the corporations that own and control this nation will never allow it.
    p.s! we WONT be getting health care reform either. once again. the corporations would never allow it. yep, your vote truly doesnt matter, and nader was right, as usual.

  49. Jamaican Lesbian

    Watch the film “Battle for Haditha”. It shows quite clearly why all good people say fuck the troops.

  50. Serve the People

    Amerikkkans in general are not opposed to corporate dominance of the U$ government. Let’s not act as if the corporations were imposing a government that Amerikkkans opposed: it’s simply not the case. Amerikkkans may complain about Big Business, but in reality their class interests are aligned with the interests of the corporations and those of U$ imperialism more generally.

  51. those ‘heroic’ troops are not just war criminals, but they are pitiful cowards also! pushing a button in vegas to drop a drone missile on SOMEONE 1000’s of miles away!? unforgivable cowardice=marines and the mercs hired with your tax dollars to kill civilians folks! BIG suprise too! imperialists NEVER leave any country voluntarily, in other words amerikkka could EASILY never be leaving iraq or afghanistan. and def NOT in 2011 or 2012. obama is a war pig as much as every president has been. i agree of course, with the raimers. the revolution MUST come from the so called 3rd world.

  52. Serve the People

    The united $nakes will leave Iraq and Afghanistan when the people of those countries kick Amerikkkan ass hard enough. The U$ certainly did not voluntarily leave Vietnam; instead, the Vietnamese people gloriously defeated U$ imperialism and drove the invaders from their land. Iraqis and Afghans, now it’s your turn. Death to the great $atan! Fill up those Yankkkee body bags!

  53. Don

    It looks like the fucking storm troopers are continuing to get way with murder and other atrocities in Afghanistan. On February 12 there was an incident where the murders killed two pregnant women, a teenage girl, a policeman and his brother. “No one has claimed responsibility (and) A US official in Kabul refused to” say for reasons of national security, the usual cover-up for high crimes and misdemeanors prohibited for any reason.
    This time, survivors were paid off for their loss, but family head Haji Sharabuddin wants justice, not money, and to get it “will….do suicide attacks and (the whole province) will support us.” (US-Committed Atrocities in Afghanistan – by Stephen Lendman)



    These criminals should be handed over to the Afghani and Taliban, and tried as the criminals they are and then executed in public. This is why we must stop supporting these murders. Fuck the troops and Fuck supporting them.

  54. simon lomax

    you’re absolutely correct. if the U.S is occupying foriegn soil and stealing resources as they usually are, that basically makes the troops no different to the german soldiers who were “just doing their jobs” in their attempt to carry out hitlers dream of making countries like france, poland, russia and great britain slave states to the reich. rather than be held up as heros the united states and british soldier is in my view no better than the nazi soldiers of WWII. don’t forget that the german army became nazis’ the moment they swore an oaf of allegiance to adolph hitler. So when i see a young british or american soldier killed in iraq or afghanistan i say fuck ’em. They should have read a few books about how the world works before they signed up for that stupid shit.