Pigs Assualt Peaceful Protestors


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4 responses to “Pigs Assualt Peaceful Protestors

  1. jenny

    This was in Tacoma. The pigs (uh, I mean officers) shot rubber bullets into the crowd. They were non-violently blocking the road to prevent military equipment from being sent to the port and off to Iraq.

  2. Yep, that is what happens when you ILLEGALLY block a road.

  3. And, when you oppress the whole world…. airplanes get flown into your buildings..

  4. good answer huh? thse god damn fascist in tocoma nearly killed me i was brutaly tortured and tazed then sent to the triage.obviosly sociopathic power trippin whats worse my eyebrow was broken in seattle their first resort is violence i have no respect for authority and rightfully so.

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