It’s Right To Rebel Against White-Amerikkka’s White-Washed “Education”

When white-amerikkka says “education” it means social programming. It means conforming to white-Amerikkka’s values and norms. Instead of teaching you how to think critically, it teaches you how to be another stupid fat cracker AmeriKKKan. This is the “education” Amerikkka gives you.

According to white-Amerikkka, your job is to fall in line and swallow its lies- its white-washed “truth”. It teaches you history from the perspective of an oppressor- the person and society that reaped the benefits from 400 years of genocide and national oppression- not the history of those that were oppressed and mass murdered by Amerikkka. It teaches you to be a reactionary, not a revolutionary.

If you see through this rotten system and have the will to topple it then you need more than the “education” that white-Amerikkka throws at you. You need a revolutionary education. You need to know history from the side of the oppressed- not from the side of whitey. Your brain dead teachers can’t give this to you. All they can do is regurgitate the white man’s lies and be an apologist for global white supremacy. Oh no, amerikkka ain’t going to give you an education in anti-imperialism- an education in anti-amerikkkanism. No, you have to take up this task yourselves.

Face it, white-AmeriKKKa and its prison schools are not going to teach you this shit. They don’t teach you about Zapata. They don’t teach you about Malcolm X or Huey Newton. They don’t teach you about Vladimir Lenin or Mao Zedong. They ain’t going to teach you how to free yourself and liberate your people- the people of the world- from its tyranny.

What they are going to do is indoctrinate you into amerikkkan culture- the same culture that is built off 400 years of genocide, land theft, slavery, wars of aggression and its imperialist domination of the third world. They want to make you one of them: an AmeriKKKan. They want to make you their complacent model citizen: one that doesn’t mind that Amerikkka is sitting on stolen land and that they’re all parasites living off dead “Indians” and the Third World. This is the “education” that Amerikkka has for you.

So if you are a revolutionary then you need to get a revolutionary education- not white-amerikkka’s indoctrination. This comes both through study and practice. This means dedicating yourself to learning things on your own time that are not being taught at school and then taking what you have learned and applying it while you are there.

So quit waiting around for white-amerikkka to tell you anything close to the truth. Instead, rebel against white-amerikkka, start learning the truth yourself, and start throwing it back in its face!

It’s Right To Rebel Against White-Amerikkka!

Fight Amerikkka and Its White-Washed “Education” With Revolutionary Education!

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One response to “It’s Right To Rebel Against White-Amerikkka’s White-Washed “Education”

  1. M K

    word, history has always been manipulated by the oppressors. You cant expect a fuckin’ dimes worth of knowledge from these schools when all they teach is this white washed history.

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