Students Walk-Out Against the War

Today hundreds of students from a number of local schools participated in a walk-out to protest the war against the Iraqi people. Meeting at Auraria before making their way down the 16th Street Mall, the mass of [overwhelmingly Chican@/Mexican@] students converged on the steps of the State Capitol to make their voices heard.

RAIM-Denver was there supporting not only an end to this agressive war but also to support national liberation of oppressed nations. Additionally, we distributed a number of flyers {see next post} encouraging the anti-war youth to fight against Amerikkka’s lies with the truth- to fight against Amerikkka’s reactionary “education” with revolutionary study and practice.

Truly inspiring, these students (again, mostly Mexican@/Chican@ with small portions of Black and White youth) are on their way to rejecting the future that Amerikkka has for them and leading the struggle from within its illegitimate borders to end its global oppression and tyranny.

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