Give it up whitey, you owe back rent.


The march was rather long and at this point it had reached a gentrified area near “lodo” by downtown Denver. Note the nice condos on the left- nice gentrified white middle class condos built on stolen land. Give it up whitey..

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4 responses to “Give it up whitey, you owe back rent.

  1. mr. x

    All that development north of Union Station has led to gentrification and more whites invading the North Side across the highway. It’ll only get more and more white as they continue to turn the old warehouse area into white utopia.

  2. Minus K

    Something Ive been waiting for for a while that seems to be more interesting than helpful is the gentrification of the african race in america. Migration to suburbia, blind faith in capitalism, and working 9 to 5 for slave wages.

  3. No doubt, the wealth of imperialism trickles down to and influences internally oppressed nations. On the other hand, oppressed nations disproportionately occupy the lower and lowest strata of Amerika society and are historically, well, oppressed (contrasted to the white settler society).

    We should remember that when we are talking about oppressed nations we are talking about *national* struggles and we should adjust our outlook and strategies accordingly.

    We shouldn’t be supporting liberal integrationism wrapped in “radical” language. Instead we should be supporting national liberation movements amongst oppressed nations.

  4. mexican

    I agree.

    Even most migrants do not work for “slave wages” though. Many of them have become bought off to various extents, like white pig amerikans. Remember how Marx described the proletariat. He said they have “nothing to lose but their chains.” People who have houses, cars, tvs, dvd players, play stations, etc. are not going to throw their lot in with the Third World who, literally, have nothing. Even many oppressed nations in North America are bought off to various extents. This is why we saw so many American flags being waved at the May Day march. We saw much pro-amerikanism, much pro-assimilationism, much compradorism, much labor aristocracy there. This is a reality we have to be aware of and design our tactics around.

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