Report on Denver May Day Protests

Migrant March With Mixed Messages Also Highlights Lack of White Proletariat

Tuesday was May Day or the International Workers’ Day. It was also the anniversary of the historic marches for migrant rights last year in the United Snakes and the scene of more impressive protests this year.

RAIM-Denver participated in the march in Denver. The crowd gathered at a neighborhood park near downtown Denver before beginning their walk past the Capitol and through downtown where they were to end at a park in a gentrified neighborhood. Many people left their jobs to join the march as it passed by and the majority of the crowd were chican@/mexican@ youth, some of whom undoubtedly skipped school to attend the demonstration.

In the mainstream media the Denver Pig Department oinked an estimate of 2,000 participants, while organizers gave numbers between 10,000 and 15,000. Our observations lean more towards the latter numbers.

This march like others had an overall tinge of reformism, compradorism, assimilationism and even Chicano/Mexicano labor aristocratic politics. There were too many American flags present for our taste. Nevertheless, national liberation sentiment was evident. Many marchers echoed the fact that Mexico was invaded, that this was Mexican land, bringing into question the concept of “illegal aliens.” Many flags of Mexico were displayed, as well as a handful of flags of Central American countries that many marchers came from. RAIM’s agitational flyer “Deport White People” was well-received. RAIM passed out over 700 flyers. At least one liberal speaker touched on reunification briefly.

Of course there was the usual assortment of reactionary white fascists shouting anti-migrant slogans. This combined with the overwhelmingly chican@/mexican@ composition of the march should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind about the reactionary nature of the historically oppressive white labor aristocracy. Truth be told, the mythical white working class didn’t show up to support migrant rights on this day. Maybe they had a company picnic to attend or maybe they only care about migrant rights when they feel threatened by them.

More interesting is how the media made special note of the low turnout compared to last year with the implication that the movement is dying. Some numbers from similar marches around the country include:

Chicago: 150,000

Milwaukee: 30,000 to 60,000

Denver: 10,000 to 15,000

Phoenix: 15,000 to 20,000

Tuscon: 2,500

Los Angeles: 25,000

The important thing about these numbers is that even if we look at the low side they are all still larger than any white-led ‘anti-war’ march in Denver over the past year. This is true even though whites barely showed up for this rally.

Some people would complain that the rally should be “multi-racial,” meaning more white. These people should come back to reality. Its not like whites were discouraged from coming to this rally: they just simply didn’t show up. The only people to blame for the lack of “multi culturalism” and multi-“racialism” at rallies like this are white people themselves. But to be fair, they were probably too busy sitting in air conditioned homes and offices- or in the case of some crackers, too busy heckling the protestors from sidewalks and parking garages. And while there were a few white people that did participate in the rally, they were an insignificant portion of the overall white population- one that doesn’t even add up to a fraction of a percent.

RAIM doesn’t have any illusions of the revolutionary potential of the white working class. They are a labor aristocracy getting the benefits of imperialism and who do not have the same interests with workers from the Third World. We advocate national liberation for all oppressed nations, including the captive nations inside the U.$. empire, especially the Chican@/Mexican@ nation. To this end we encourage the spread of national consciousness among the oppressed nations to counter the brainwashing of assimilationism that confuses too many nationally oppressed peoples today. The migrant rights movement should not water down their program to appease white settlers, instead those whites who are traitors to their national interests should fully support the national liberation struggles of oppressed nations for the interest of all humanity.

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One response to “Report on Denver May Day Protests

  1. mexican

    The pigs were harassing high school students who took the day off as they left the march around Union Station. Typical pig behavior. Hopefully, even with the comprador and labor aristocratic tone of the speakers, the students got some education from the experience of taking the streets and listening to the nationalist and anti-imperialist forces in the march.

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