You’d be surprised how well a flyer that says “deport white people” goes over

You’d be surprised how well a flyer that says “deport white people” goes over with Chican@/Mexican@ youth. At least that was the case with the May 1st Denver ‘immigration’ rights march where we distributed over 700 flyers with that very slogan. Also of interest is that our estimates point to over 80 hits to the blog directed from these flyers in the first 10 hours alone. To put this another way, 11% of our flyers directed a persyn to check out the blog. This is a much higher hit rate that previous mass flyer distributions. It just goes to show that there is no point in playing white-amerikkka’s game of white-washing everything up to and including so-called radical politics.


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6 responses to “You’d be surprised how well a flyer that says “deport white people” goes over

  1. mexican

    Thank you for doing this.

  2. mr. x

    Why would I be surprised? Whites are waging war across the globe and have waged genocide in North America for hundreds of years. Deporting them is pretty humane if you ask me. I salute RAIM-D and their rather humanitarian approach toward dealing with whites.

  3. I would be curious to see the United States without White people. All businesses would die. All government would crumble. Chaos would ensue. The “new” United States would resemble, say, Mexico a nation on the brink of destruction. Your ideas against White people are not working towards a better America, but towards GENOCIDE! Genocide of any other name is still genocide. It goes both ways.
    A. Paco

  4. lalo

    You continue to fall for internal colonized myths that white people brought progress. What do you think the United States would be if it didn’t take the northern half of Mexico through invasion and settlerization, and all the resources in it, oil in Texas, gold and other minerals in California, and all the land to keep military bases (most of which are in occupied Mexico)? And the chaos and interrupted development Mexico experienced being “so far from God and so far from the U.$.” made Mexico what it is today. We don’t advocate genocide, RAIM is humanitarians. The interests of all humynity requires the desettlerization of native lands in the Americas. That is why we advocate the restoration of stolen lands to its rightful occupants, and the white settlers need to live with that or leave.

  5. GringoLand

    A USA without White people would be a terrible nightmare.

    Just think, a world without Paris Hilton, Toby Keith music, and morbidly obese Freedom Fry-eaters.

    The horror.

    We must never deport all these White Illegals from the USA.

  6. What would the world do without white amerikkka?….
    …um, not starve to death, die of preventable disease or do backbreaking labor for pennies a day.

    But I guess if that means a bunch of parasites can’t sit on their asses for hours on end it must be a bleak existence, right “Paco”?

    We have never advocated genocide. We would like to hope that white amerikkka can someday in the future be compelled to change its ways. We don’t make any illusions about them doing it without force, but that is a far cry from genocide.

    On the otherhand, it is amerikkka that has a 500 year history of world wide genocide and mass murder. If anything, RAIM-Denver is being compassionate (and much more forgiving than much of the world) by not explictly advocating genocide against the historically brutal nation that is white amerikkka.

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