Prisons in Amerikkka

Prisons in Perspective

As of February 3rd, 2005 there were 2.1 million people in prison or jail, and another 4.6 million on parole, probation, under house arrest, or in jail awaiting a trial. That’s 6.7 million people or over 2% of the population.

Although nationally oppressed peoples make up about 25% of the population, they are 65% of the prison population. Conversely, although whites are about 75%, they make up only 35% of the prison population.

This is not racism carried out by individual racists. It’s national oppression carried by one part of society against another. It’s one nation’s oppression of others carried out within the arbitrary borders of Amerikkka.

Black males have 32% chance of being imprisoned in their lifetimes; Chicanos/Mexicanos a 17% chance; and white males only a 6% chance. So Blacks basically have a 1 in 3 chance of being locked up at some point in their lifetimes and are more that five times more likely to be imprisoned than whites.

Despite everything white amerikkka has already done to First Nation peoples, they are imprisoned at an even higher rate.

Amerikkka imprisons more of the people within its borders than any other nation in the world. Amerikkka, despite calling itself a beacon of freedom in the world, has the largest prison population in the world.

But is this really surprising for Amerikkka? After all, we are talking about the very country, and indeed people, that enslaved Blacks and tormented them for generations with the terroristic KKK; that emptied an entire continent of people so that they could take the land and mineral wealth for themselves; who took those indigenous peoples and imprisoned them onto reservations and made them adopt Anglo imposed social-economics norms and a foreign culture; and who today imprisons the entire world through economic imperialism.

No, it’s not a surprising at all. It’s Amerikkka.


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