A Message to the Youth of White Amerikkka

White youth,

We have good and bad news for you. The good news is that you happened to be born into one of the most privileged strata of human society. The bad news is that the privilege that you were born into is based on the super exploitation of the Third World and the oppression of various non-white nations within the borders of amerikkka itself. And worse, this privilege awarded by imperialism will not last forever as oppressed people around the world continually struggle for global justice and equality. The fact is amerikkka has a whole lot of crimes to account for- and moreover, white-amerikkka will be held to accountable by the people of the world for those crimes.

But don’t worry, there is one more piece of good news. You don’t have to be your average white oppressor. You don‘t have to be a total enemy of the world‘s people. And though white-amerikkka will be held accountable for its crimes, there is nothing to say that you can‘t today voluntarily admit to white-amerikkka’s historic and concurrent predatory nature and consciously start working in the service of the world’s oppressed and exploited masses. It is essentially a subjective role-reversal. Whereas before you are just another white youth floating along in decadent amerikkka on your way toward full oppressor status, you would now be a white amerikan who fights for the global proletariat- you would essentially be a traitor to your imperial class and a fighter for global social justice and real democracy.

Any white amerikkkan who “isn’t doing anything” is in fact doing something. They are acting as a social prop for imperialism and at the same time absorbing value (wealth) that is being transferred primarily from the Third World. While you can’t totally stop absorbing wealth and privilege, you can fight the basis of that privilege- you can fight to end Amerikkka’s imperialist plunder of the world. In this manner and this manner alone, are you any sort of “friend” towards the people of the world.

So don’t grow up to be another reactionary white parasite that has to be outright defeated by the forces of worldwide peoples’ movements. Defect to the side of the oppressed and exploited majority and join the Revolutionary Anti Imperialist Movement- Denver in the fight against white amerikkka’s global tyranny!

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