White Amerikkka Won’t Rehabilitate Itself

“We have never lynched, we have never shot, we have never burnt a church, we have never beaten people, we have never taken them to jail. That is the question for white amerika. The real question is can she civilize herself before we get ready to civilize her.” [sic]
-Stokely Carmichael

RAIM-Denver has the answer.

No, white-amerikkka will not “civilize herself”. Amerikkka is defined by its reactionary oppressor role in the world. Instead, the people of the world are going to have to “civilize” it.

We can’t be standing around waiting for Amerikkka to break with its 500 year tradition of oppression and reaction and expect it to all of a sudden act in some sort of common accord with interests of the broad people.

In fact, it’s impossible. From a materialist perspective, the fact that Amerikkka is an imperialist power puts it at fundamental odds with the people of the world. In what amounts to parasitic relationship maintained with the third world, Amerikkka, as it is, is dependent on a vast sea of super-cheap third world labor. To say Amerikkka is [somehow and for some reason but sometime soon] going to fix the problem of vast global inequalities is outrageous.

It is up to the people of the world (read: exploited nations in the third world, oppressed nations, and progressive elements within otherwise oppressor classes) to enforce upon amerikkka a situation whereby it can no longer brutalize and disempower the people of the world.

Overthrow U.$. Hegemony In The World And Rehabilitate White Amerika Into A Responsible Member of the International Community of Nations!

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One response to “White Amerikkka Won’t Rehabilitate Itself

  1. myself007

    America has been a rogue nation since day one. Brian Willson, a Vietnam veteran says:

    “Between 1789 and 2000, the U.S. has intervened with its armed forces into the sovereignty of over 100 countries on more than 400 documented occasions, utilizing various rationalizations such as the “Monroe Doctrine,” stopping “Communism,” resisting “terrorism,” protecting “democracy,” arresting “drug traffickers,” combating “naked aggression,” stopping “rogue nations,” and asserting “Manifest Destiny.” All but five of these 400-plus interventions have been in violation of the U.S. Constitution that mandates a Congressional declaration of war for each use of armed forces abroad.”

    See the full text of Willsons article:

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