LET IT BURN. Interview with Robert F. Williams, 1968

This is a pretty long interview. It’s so long that we wouldn’t have posted it had we not thought that it was worth watching through the end. Here are a few good quotes from the interview.

[Williams explains his reasons for leaving Cuba as-] If I wanted to carry on my struggle for the liberation of the black people in Amerika.. if I could live true to what I believed, I had to leave Cuba -but I wasn’t forced out of Cuba. I had a choice to remain in there. I could have remained in Cuba as a socialist Uncle Tom. But I didn’t see any difference in being a socialist Uncle Tom and in being an Uncle Tom in capitivist and racist Amerika. And I’m not cut out to be an Uncle Tom no matter who it’s for.

[Here Williams explains why he doesn’t pay any mind to how white amerika perceives him or his cause] Look, I am a refugee. I am a victim of all kinds of racial [national-ed.] oppression and tyranny and terrorism in the United States. So why should I be concerned with what they think about or what they call me. My first concern is liberation. My first concern is justice and freedom. And it makes no difference what they call me and it makes no difference with what they think, because in the final analysis they are going to have to face reality. And the reality is that Amerika is not god, Amerika is not the end of the earth and it doesn’t matter what the Amerikans think.

[Referring to Black troops fighting in the Vietnam War] I’m not asking them to commit treason. I’m asking them to stop betraying humynity I’m asking them not to commit treason against humynity. Man’s first duty is to his brother [sic]. Man’s first duty is to humynity, not to governments- not to brutal savage governments and oppressors.

[Referring the recently killed Dr. Martin Luther King] Because here is a pacifist, one of the great followers of Ghandi, and here is a man who advocated love and non-violence who has been shot down in the streets of racist amerikkka and killed like a common street dog. Now- and then I’m supposed to be moderate in my outlook? I’m supposed to be merciful? This is asking more of me, as a victim, than has been asked of the oppressor.

The German people allowed Hitler to lead them down the drain. They allowed Hitler to rage and act like a maniac. And they didn’t take any position. They supported Germany, they supported their government. And as a result of this we can see what happened. Now the Amerikan people can’t hide behind the excuse that they are not doing it, that they are not committing these crimes.

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One response to “LET IT BURN. Interview with Robert F. Williams, 1968

  1. BT

    It is interesting how he talks about the bullshit CP(USA) and their bullshit friends in Cuba who tried to shut him down for preaching the righteous message of Black liberation against the white parasite oppressors. Phonies are always kissing white ass. A sure sign of a phony is that they talk a bunch of bullshit about “Black and White unity” and about the supposed oppression of Whites. There is no Black and White unity. Blacks are oppressed by Whites. Whites are oppressors. Sure – maybe there is a John Brown here and there, but so what? There is no unity with most Whites. Most Whites can go to hell. “White working class” = BULLSHIT.

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