Ward Churchill Update

It was released that CU President Hank Brown intends to fire Ward Churchill. Colorado governor Bill Ritter made these statements revealing the oppressor-politics behind the CU witchhunt, “The character of his conduct is different than those things that are protected by the First Amendment, and I really do think in an academic institution, we need to pay attention to what we’re telling our kids and what our professors are writing about.”

What a load of shit. First, it’s not like Ward Churchill teaches to or writes his books for an audience of 10 year olds (though perhaps that’s not a bad idea). In amerikkka, children, at the age of 5, are forced to begin 13 years of “formal” oppressor “education”. There isn’t a student at CU Boulder that hasn’t already gone through this process.

This is clearly an attempt by reactionary white amerikkka to squelch any sort of academia that is in service of the oppressed. It also has to be understood that cases like Ward Churchill are not isolated. A professor named Norman Finkelstein was denied tenure because of his pro-Hezzbollah views. White-amerikkka, in its expectable fascistic frenzy, is now trying to further consolidate its oppressor indoctrination all the way up through its institutions of “higher learning”.


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