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2 responses to “Further adventures….

  1. Aaron P

    This is absurd. Have fun building a winning movement with this kind of message.

  2. fuckbrats

    You say this is absurd, not because it is wrong or inaccurate, but because ‘this kind of message’ won’t build a ‘winning movement.’

    What you really mean is that RAIM’s message isn’t a palpable one to most Amerikans. Let’s be honest and quit using vague, misleading lanaguage.

    RAIM’s message isn’t a ‘winning one’ in Amerikan society. Duh. RAIM says that Amerikans are ‘oppressors.’ How more obvious could it be.

    But is RAIM’s message true? Regarding systems of oppression, are Amerikans the oppressed or are they oppressors? Regarding environmental destruction, are Amerikans and their lifestyle contributing to this disturbing trend? The answers are obvious.

    So even if RAIM comes off as offensive to liberals, its much better than being sitting in front of an amerika flag and looking like a stooge for the richest 15%.

    The ‘winning movement’ you are looking for is the Democratic Party. Check them out. Their message won’t hurt your feelings.

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