MNLM Presents…

The Mexican National Liberation Movement Presents:
The State of the Movement

Featuring Guillermo Suarez; Leading member of the MLNM

Join the Mexican National Liberation Movement in a discussion and analysis concerning the politics of immigration, the current social condition confronting Mexican@ people on both sides of the militarily imposed border and the overall state of the movement for self-determination from a national liberation perspective.

5:00pm at Girls Inc. (on Julina near the corner of Colfax)

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  1. bystander

    Excellent talk and discussion. Great speaker. Thanks for this event.

    1) The serve the people activism talk was interesting. Suarez gave good insight into how to implement concrete work to help the struggle for national liberation.

    2) Suarez correctly characterized the conquest of the occupied territories as a white colonial settler invasion.

    3) Good point about how the white fascists could hang themselves by building a wall on the border because migration is currently working as a safety valve on the social problems in southern Mexico. Building a wall could have the unintended consequence of speeding up people’s war in southern Mexico. In addition, such a wall and the police measures accompanying it will create increase fascist repression and polarization in the occupied territories. Excellent points worth considering. His point is well taken that it is necessary to agitate against the wall even if this is true.

    4. Suarez wasn’t clear on the topic of the white-nation and its bogus “working” class. It is a big mistake to have any illusions that the majority of whites will support the liberation of Mexico. Almost all whites will oppose Mexican liberation. Whites are all bought off by imperialism. Suarez’s stand on this issue was unclear at times. Sometimes he sounded like he thought most whites were enemies. Sometimes he wasn’t clear. It would be good to get clarification on this issue from Suarez. A couple John Browns dont add up to a white proletariat. Most whites are enemies and should be treated as such in my view.

    5. Suarez’s apt usage of Mao quotes was a refreshing. It is good to hear the real deal at events. Suarez might check out Lin Piao’s work Long Live the Victory of People’s War.

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