Ward Churchill Fired


Ward Churchill was officially fired from his position as tenured professor and head of the CU Ethnic Studies Department yesterday.

Members of RAIM-Denver made the trip up to Boulder to distribute flyers supporting Ward Churchill. The flyers that we got out pointed to the real reason that Ward has come under fire: because he dared to speak the truth- he dared to point out that amerikans are an imperial citizenry that have for the last 500 years shit on the world and now can’t seem to figure out why everyone hates them.

Ward Churchill truly is a revolutionary academic, one who is an anomaly in oppressor amerikkka. It comes as no surprise to RAIM-Denver that pigmerikkka is now bending over backwards to silence and discredit someone who has taken such a bold stand for those oppressed by amerikkkan imperialism.

In the coming days we will post a full report as well as pictures from the day’s events.

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