Amerikkkans “human hunt” “niggers” in Iraq

Tryworks has beat us to the scoop again. Amerikkkans “human hunt” “niggers” in Iraq, check it:

More human hunting, Amerikkkan snipers murder scavengers and children in Iraq by tricking them:

Shubel Morgan video on the mundane reality of national oppression:



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4 responses to “Amerikkkans “human hunt” “niggers” in Iraq

  1. hmm

    The problem isn’t ‘amerikkkanism’, whatever the fuck that means. The problem is Amerikkka and Amerikkkans. The problem isn’t just some backward ‘ism’ ideology, the problem is Amerikkka itself.

  2. amihanmalaya

    amerikan soldiers deserve to die

  3. pitty

    those are the GI’s hey-may hours… back home “heroes” go homeless, kill wives or kill themselves. that is what happens when your brains stopped functioning long before you join the US Army for money which suppose to allow you “to get the college education”.

  4. ameican hater

    i hate americans so ignorant and racist especially the troops stationed overseas i hope one day they would all get killed.

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