Anarchist National Liberation

US, Anarchist People of Color National/Inter-Regional Gathering 2008

Date Thu, 24 Jan 2008 12:32:10

A couple of individuals from New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles met informally and wanted to propose a national/inter-regional gathering for Anarchist People of Color. —- This is just a draft proposal, it is not the final say in how this shit is going to happen or what’s going to happen at it. — This is being put out to initiate some discussion around this idea. — This conference will be a serious gathering to strategize, dialogue, plan, follow through, and create the foundation for real solidarity and revolutionary movement throughout different regions. — Nothing has been set for the conference so that is why I’m putting this out there to people. There are some initial ideas that need to be built on. The conference will be taking place in the summer or sometime in the fall, but needs to happen as soon as we can pull it together.It is a crucial time in history and their is important organizing we are all doing and need to be doing. We need to support each other in our work and help each other strategize. Hopefully this can be the first step to building the foundation for a revolutionary movement. Among the topics that are proposed…

-Building Black and Brown Unity!!! The work that we need to be doing, the
responsibility that we have to do this. We must go beyond just talking about it.
This is a key question in building unity amongst all colonized people.

-National Liberation — Our position in supporting National Liberation in the
process of creating autonomy and self-determination of colonized people

-Class Struggle within APOC — who is APOC and why we have nothing in common
with sell-outs

-Political Prisoners, our role as anarchist people of color in this movement.

-Follow through from the first APOC conference

-Popular Education and other strategies for organizing in our communities

-EZLN and Magonismo: other movements in Latin America and the third world

-Creating New models of organizing

-Indigenismo and anarcha-indigenism

-Our experiences as anarchist people of color and supporting each other, having
solidarity and building

-The intersection of gender and sexuality to race and class

-Building APOC as a revolutionary movement

others… etc (these are all still proposals)

We want to get a good core group of committed people who want to help make this
happen discuss this seriously to make it happen.

There were proposals for cities/states/regions: Los Angeles, Minnesota, Colorado

The city/collective in the city will have to help coordinate space, housing,
food, etc.

Each city will have to do some fundraising to send people and for general funds.
Hopefully we can also raise money to help other cities with limited resources.

Lets discuss this seriously, and make this happen.
A – I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
By, For, and About Anarchists
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