Recreate ’68 Meeting

From Recreate ’68
R-68 would like to thank everyone who attended our Jan. 19 community consulta. We have received many e-mails asking how to get involved. To help with the work of creating a new future, we need you to come to the R-68 Working Meeting. Without you, this will not be possible. Come down and get invovled. See You There and Hey, Bring a Friend!
WHERE: Gypsy House Cafe Basement
1279 Marion Street, Denver
WHEN: Feb. 25, 6:30 pm


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7 responses to “Recreate ’68 Meeting

  1. Re-creating ’68?

    This seems to me to very poorly-advised. In 1968, there was no unity on the left. The most eloquent charismatic leaders of the anti-war left had – Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy – had been ripped from us by assassin’s bullets. There was no one left to lead the Democrats – who could unify them. Eugene McCarthy was a nice guy who was in favor of peace and Hubert H. Humphrey was an obsequious and fawning stooge of Lyndon Johnson and as pledged to pursue LBJ’s ruinous war as McCain is married to Bush’s Iraquagmire. There was no hope to beat the Republicans. Today, there is every hope to beat back the Republicans and dismantle their warfare state.

    To demonstrate at the Democratic convention instead of at the Republican convention is to create another RalphNader-esque distraction. As Todd Gitln, who was at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago says,

    “In the ’60s, there were competing strains: the desire for results and the desire for self-expression. This seems to belong squarely in the self-expression camp …

    What’s the political calculation that speaks to them of the wisdom of civil disobedience – which means a massive media spectacle – on the brink of a Democratic campaign that could plausibly put a Democrat in the White House who’s committed to withdrawal from Iraq? If the objective is to put a belligerent Republican in the White House, they should keep up the good work.”

    In other words, these fools are out to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Yet again.

  2. Nicholai

    This is typical social democrat slop. Social democrats basically say that struggle should be directed only into mainstream, legalistic channels. Social democracy is a line that neutralizes revolutionary energy and dissipates it into the democrats (or electoral politics in general).

    First, the leaders of the anti-war left were the Vietnamese and now Iraqis. They’ll put an end to amerika’s aggression, not a bunch of liberals. Second, the “anti-war left” in amerika is-and always has been- a fucking joke. Half of the time they’re bitching about what they war is costing THEM, not the fact that it is the organized killing of one nation by another.

    Todd Gitlin himself is awful. He has always been bitter about SDS veering out of his control and going into a radical direction. Had he his way, SDS would have been a pressure group within the democrats. While there definitely were certain problems at the 68 convention, it does not mean he has more correct alternative.

    In this case, Gitlin and Vigilante think that we shouldn’t protest democrats because they supposedly will lead us out of war. For Gitlin and Vigilante this is a victory. I say bullshit. Clinton bombed Somalia, starved Iraq, and oversaw the largest expansion of prisons in u.s. history. Obama considers Israel to be amerikkka’s “special friend.” He says that Palestinians do not have a right to return to their lands. He says we should send our military into Pakistan. Obama is nothing more than a bunch of vague “hope and change” rhetoric on top of the same old imperialism. Functionally, he is drawing support from the “anti-war left” and fixing it to the democrats and imperialist state in general.

    We need a revolution of the oppressed over the oppressors. Obama and the democrats need to be overthrown also.

    On “Recreate 68.” It seems that every liberal with a bone to pick says something about the name. GET OVER IT, THAT SHIP HAS SAILED. For anyone who has been listening, Recreate 68 has stated their intentions quite clearly. I’m not a cliff-notes for liberals who are too busy vouching for the democrats to listen for 2 seconds, so I guess they can stay lost in their sectarian fog.

  3. observer

    Vigilante has a point. If one’s goal is a social democracy based on imperial plunder (which is essentially the goal of every “left” group out there from the Green Party to fake-Marxists to anarchists), then the best tactic is to organize as a pressure group on the Demokkkrats. Much of R68 (and UA and other protest groups) will be just that. The idea that R68 isn’t that is somewhat delusional. But, at the same time, R68 will provide a space on the streets to push anti-imperialist and real revolutionary politics.

  4. Nicholai

    Good point observer. Protests and demonstrations have historically been a tool in the kit of social democracy. It is an effective strategy in securing a bigger and better share of imperialism’s take. I can see how I may have come off otherwise.

    R68 isn’t a revolutionary group. It’s not even a politically consistent entity [though it is primarily orientated towards labor aristocracy politics]. It’s a umbrella coalition charging itself with organizing the infrastructure for the DNC protest while, in theory, allowing room for everyone to do their own thing.

    One of the main reasons a few Denver area activists took the initiative in starting R68 was so that national-wide labor-aristocracy orientated protest-bureaucracies would not be allowed to dominate the organizing process and thus the protests themselves.

    Also, comparative to R68, no other local group or coalition will be able to organize the DNC protests better.

    In this context, it is correct to support Recreate 68 as the protest bureaucracy to act as an umbrella for general organizing purposes. It will provide the best avenue for anti-imperialist and revolutionary politics into the DNC protests.

    That goes without saying that a oversized dose of labor aristocrat politics and social democracy are and will continue to be the norm.

  5. observer

    Don’t get me wrong, R68 is the only local organization that is really doing anything substantial for the DNC protests. They are solid and capable. They have their shit together.

    I was just making the point that it is a mistake to turn R68 into something that it isn’t. As you correctly point out, it is a coalition. The good thing about R68 is that they will provide the space on the streets for more revolutionary organizations like RAIMD to do their thing.

  6. KillersOfTheNationsAmerikkkans

    Whats a DNC protest?

  7. agentofkaos

    Democratic National Convention, what is being protested.

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