Upcoming Ward Churchill Lectures

For a second semester some fine students from CU-Boulder are hosting a lecture series by Ward Churchill. Class begins next Tuesday. Below is the tentative schedule with room numbers.

2/26/2008    7:00 PM  10:15 PM  Hellems Room 199  Confirmed
3/4/2008     7:00 PM  10:15 PM  Hellems Room 252  Confirmed
3/11/2008    7:00 PM  10:15 PM  Hellems Room 252  Confirmed
3/18/2008    7:00 PM  10:15 PM  Hellems Room 252  Confirmed
4/1/2008     7:00 PM  10:15 PM  Hellems Room 252  Confirmed
4/22/2008    7:00 PM  10:15 PM  Hellems Room 252  Confirmed
4/29/2008    7:00 PM  10:15 PM  Hellems Room 252  Confirmed


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10 responses to “Upcoming Ward Churchill Lectures

  1. Support Churchill

    Good for Churchill! It’s nice to see that SOME education is taking place at the Unifarcity of Kolorado.

  2. Prekezes

    I have only recently heard about Ward Churchill.He is an intellectual of native origin supporting national liberation for the First Nations right?How would it be possible for us not in u$a to see his lectures?

  3. agentofkaos

    Many of Ward Churchill’s lectures, text and audio, are at this site: http://wardchurchill.net/blog/ward-speaks/
    His books and audio are also published by South End Press and AK Press.

  4. Kourtsaousi

    We need some of his books.It is important to know about u$a history from sources from non white sources because only the white version of history reaches outside the borders of united satans of amerikkka.We also need Sakai books.It is important because “left” white history can make someone draw wrong conclusions about the satans role today.Im searching for them but i cannot find them.Is there a site that says where to find them in each country?

  5. If you go to our Recommended Readings page, there are links to Settlers (Sakai) and On the Justice of Roosting Chickens (Churchill). These books, especially Settlers, are pretty hard to find on bookshelves. You can find them on the internet. Try online booksellers like amazon and abebooks.com.

  6. bethune

    Another good book is Long Live the Victory of People’s War! by Lin Piao. It explains the correct strategy of global people’s wars of national liberation to destroy Amerikkka. It is online.

  7. FcukAmerica

    There are some “anti-war” Americans who disingenously insist that America’s wars are only caused by George Bush or the “Neocons.” This assertion is an attempt to let Imperialist America in general off the hook by limiting blame to a handful of individuals or few bad apples.

    US wars against Iraq and Afghanistan at base reflect America’s belief in its own crusading Moral Exceptionalism, an ideology that is literally as old as the USA itself.

    Here are some links about the American beast and its history:

    The American ideology

    The Americanization Of The World

    This following article talks about Bush and McCain but also addresses American Exceptionalism in the reference to Fred Anderson and Andrew Cayton’s book and the comment afterwards:

  8. KillersoftheNationsAmerikkkans

    At the beginning of the war in Iraq i was watching some statistics on a question that made to amerikkkan people.

    The question was:”Do u support the war in Iraq?”
    Most amerikkkans answered yes of course.(i dont remember the exact numbers)

    Then another question followed:”Do u support the war with x amerikkkan casualties?”
    The number of war thirsty amerikkkans dropped as the x number growed bigger

    Conclusion:Amerikkkans want war but with no casualties for them.Not only they are blood thirsty little fachists but they are cowards too.

    Anyway do u know an example when the majority “the great american people” opposed a war from the beginning for ideological reasons or even humanitarian?Only the coffins covered with the amerikkkan rug and the expenses of continuous war turns on their “anti-war” instincts.

  9. Mountainbike

    They attack Ward Churchill because they fear the truth.

  10. Maoist Revolutionary

    Mao said, “To be attacked by the enemy is not a bad thing but a good thing.” Churchill is being vamped on by pigmerikkka because he is doing useful anti-imperialist work. If he weren’t sowing the seeds of anti-Amerikkkanism in a big way, the pig state wouldn’t bother to haraSS him.

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