Fuck the troops: Amerikkkan sadists kill puppies in Iraq

Amerikkkans hardly have any sympathy for Iraqi dead. Amerikkkans have more sympathy for puppies than Third World humans. Amerikkkan heroes bravely throw puppies off of cliffs in Iraq. Typical.

UPDATE: Tryworks has informed us that youtube is pulling this video. Download it if you can. We will try to keep this video up and running as long as possible. According to the Army Times, online threats urge people to “make him pay” for throwing the puppy off the cliff.

UPDATE: Okay, Tryworks has upped the ante. They’ve found a video of brave Amerikkkan troops torturing a wounded dog.

We are offering an honorary RAIM-D membership to anyone who can find video of U$ heroes in Iraq setting kittens on fire.


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8 responses to “Fuck the troops: Amerikkkan sadists kill puppies in Iraq

  1. KillersOfTheNationsAmerikkkans

    This is the least of their crimes but it shows what kind of people the “innocent troopers” are.

  2. FuckTheTroops

    I bet this guy will get harsher punishment than the assholes that did the Haditha massacre.

  3. nadeem

    American pigs killing an innocent dog !

    An innocent dog and yet they talk about democracy these zionist apes !!!!

  4. patria austria


  5. Christy

    Ok so I as an American am very ashamed of this video.
    Yes indeed Americans are idiots!

  6. MK

    eh they pulled the second video

  7. Zach

    Here you go; at least the puppy one is still working, the rest are youtube ones which of course mean the gutless cowards at Youtube will bend over backwards to make sure that nothing “anti-amerikan” is published. Free country indeed.


  8. Kathy Crosby

    I’d gladly turn those animal killing bastards over to Al-Queda. There is no torture bad enough to be inflicted on them for what they’ve done. Who cares if they’re stressed? They didn’t have to go to Iraq. There is no draft, they don’t even have to be Marines or whatever. They are just idiots that can’t find anything else to do. So big deal. They are definitely not heroes.

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