For all those visiting from the b.s. “truthalliance” article

This is a message for all those new visitors coming here from the piece of fiction written by the “”  RAIMD will come out with a statement later on the slanders and outright lies that have been spread about us by the idiot who is doing pig-like work against R68. Just to be clear, RAIMD said nothing attributed by us in that crap article.

While you are here, take time to educate yourself on real anti-imperialist politics. We hope some of you get away from the white supremacist right wing politics inherent in the “truther” movement and get on the side of the oppressed of the world.


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7 responses to “For all those visiting from the b.s. “truthalliance” article

  1. Herostratus

    I have come to find out if what the Truth Alliance was saying was true. I am undecided as to whether or not you are working for the government knowingly, however I am sure as hell that you are not working in the best interests of the movement or of United States citizens.
    You dont like it here? Go to Mexico, see how you like it there, but you will never have Mexico north of the Rio Grande. Not till I’m nice and dead!
    You have found yourself a willing and active enemy. I will be spreading the word against your movement.


  2. death2amerika

    It’s no surprise that the “9-11 Truth Movement” has a foundation in white populism. Thanks for making it obvious.

    Fuck off nutjob racists,
    Viva Mexico,


  3. casseia

    Yep, I visited because of the racist nutjob “Truth Alliance” article — which I read, aghast. You are correct that the 9/11 Truth movement has many profound problems. Where you are incorrect is in your assertion that all of us who organize our resistance to Empire around resistance to the 9/11 spectacle are racists. Many of us are anti-racists/anti-Zionists who see 9/11 as the big lie used to facilitate the demonization of the Arab/Muslim world and the wars of aggression against it. Seeing through 9/11 offers one means to see straight to the diseased heart of Empire.

  4. death2amerika

    I never said that every single person who questions the official story of 9-11 is a racist.

    I said that the 9-11 truth movement has a base of white-populism. A cursory look a number of said websites (including the truth alliance one) will show you that.

    I disagree with the methodology of “those who organize their resistance to empire around resistance to 9-11 spectacle.” That however is not a huge problem- we can agree to disagree there.

    I vehemently abhor the white populism that is entrenched within the 9-11 truth movement. There is no room for unity with migrant bashers and amerika-firsters.

    I hope that you continue reading RAIM materials as they are a welcome break from the pro-amerikanism of not just the “9-11 Truth Movement” but most amerikan social movements.

  5. I’ll call you racist. The entire premise of your idiot movement is that a bunch of brown-skinned Arabs are incapable of doing what they fucking did.

  6. I remember

    What about the secondary premise: that “ordinary” amerikans are the victims of a shadowy global elite.

    I’m not saying it’s “racist” per say, but it definitely smacks of the type of populism that ran through the early nazi movement.

    Take out the “jew” in front of conspiracy, insert “globalist” (or whatever) and viola!

  7. 9/11 Truth? Here’s the truth… Al Qaeda attacked the WTC and Pentagon with hijacked planes and AmeriKKKa went on a mass killing spree. Most “9/11 Truthers” try to steer opposition to U$ foreign policy towards trade protectionism and the Minute Klan. Hey Casseia, smarten up about who you associate with politically! Genuine resistance to imperialism can never occur under the banner of hillbilly demagogues like Alex Jones.

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