RAIMD Responds to Truthalliance.net Article

Jonathan Elinoff and Alex Jones are liars



Various distortions and lies about RAIMD have recently been made on various web pages and on the Alex Jones radio show by Jonathan Elinoff, of the 9/11 Truth Alliance Network and We Are Change Colorado, and by Alex Jones. Elinoff’s libelous article was posted to the Truth Alliance and other web pages on April 16, 2008.(1) Elinoff was interviewed by Alex Jones that same day. In the radio interview, Elinoff made even more baseless allegations, with Jones joining in.(2) RAIMD is setting the record straight.

RAIMD will not address the many other statements made about other organizations by Elinoff and Jones. RAIMD will stick to the statements made about our organization. We are not going to address every single distortion or lie made by Elinoff or Jones. To unpack every single bit of nonsense would be too tedious. Instead we will focus on the main claims against us.

Allegation #1: Elinoff’s nose grows an inch

Elinoff writes, After speaking with RAIMD, We Are Change Colorado became aware that they intend to throw bags of urine and blood on cops at the DNC protests, all under the name of the umbrella organization ReCreate 68. See their website here: https://raimd.wordpress.com/.” (3)

RAIMD did not make these statements attributed to us. In fact, RAIMD did not make any statements that even approximated these. The statements attributed to RAIMD are completely invented by Elinoff, they are based on absolutely nothing. In fact, if RAIMD ever exchanged words with Elinoff, it would have been a friendly exchange in passing, probably when distributing our materials. RAIMD would never flippantly discuss illegal activities of the kind that Elinoff alleges.

Not only did RAIMD not make the statements, RAIMD wholly disagrees with them. RAIMD is a non-violent organization. RAIMD does not promote violence or participate in violence. RAIMD believes that violence is not a viable means to accomplish positive social change within United States borders at present or in the foreseeable future. This isn’t to say RAIMD rejects violence in principle. All revolutions have been violent. Even the Amerikan “revolution” was violent. There is a time and a place. Plus, throwing urine and blood is hardly violence. It’s too passe for us anyway. It’s been done.

RAIMD has been involved in activism for a long time. RAIMD has never been involved in any violence at any protests. In fact, the only violence that RAIMD has witnessed at Denver protests has been committed by the police, not the protesters. The most militant protesters have never been violent by any stretch of the term. Those that stroke up fears of violence from activists, as Elinoff does, are basically assisting the state in quashing dissent.

RAIMD is an educational organization. RAIMD’s main role in the broader activist community is to distribute anti-imperialist, anti-Amerikan, anti-racist, pro-national liberation, pro-youth liberation materials. RAIMD believes that Amerika is the biggest enemy of humanity. We do not hide our message, our message is straight forward for all to see on our blog. Despite our politics, which many liberals may find “out there,” we have had good experiences working with people from diverse activist circles. RAIMD does not agree with everyone in the activist community, as many don’t agree with us. However, we understand that we do not have to agree with people on every little detail to work together in a coalition. RAIMD’s experience with local activists has been mostly positive.

Allegation #2: Elinoff’s nose grows another inch

On the Alex Jones radio show, Elinoff alleged that RAIMD are “the real leaders of Recreate 68.” RAIMD does not lead Recreate 68, despite what Elinoff claimed in the interview on Alex Jones. RAIMD supports Recreate 68 because they are the most effective group organizing protests against the DNC. Recreate 68 will amplify the voices from sectors of the community that are drowned out in mainstream political discourse. In addition, Recreate 68 is non-sectarian. It is our experience that they seek to include as many alternative voices as possible. Also, Recreate 68 has a participatory approach to organizing. Recreate 68 involves as many people as possible in the decision making processes. The organizers are always willing to listen to new ideas. RAIMD supports Recreate 68’s efforts and lends our modest support where we can.

Allegation #3: Elinoff.. yet another inch

Elinoff writes, On Tuesday, August 26th, the “Immigration Rights Rally” will take place that Glenn says he will be inviting all illegal immigrants down to the DNC to protest their “right” to be here. This day will be very dangerous to protesters because the activist group RAIMD has been handing out dvds and inciting physical violence towards “White Americans” for stealing land from Mexico and killing millions of natives and using slavery as their exploit to achieve dominance in the past. The RAIMD activist group has asked people to prepare for throwing bags of blood and urine on cops and they have discussed how to build molotov cocktails.” (4)

Once again, these statements attributed to us never happened. RAIMD distributes DVDs and materials that explain the origin of Amerikan affluence by linking it to 1) genocide, 2) theft of indigenous and Mexican land, 3) the slave trade, and 4) continued imperialism against the Third World. One of the videos on the DVD that we distribute encourages people to “hate Amerikkka, it’s the right thing to do.” Nowhere does this DVD or other RAIMD materials encourage violence as described by Elinoff.

In addition, the April 13th Recreate 68 community forum was taped by an independent media source. At no time did anyone mention anything about blood, urine, or Molotov cocktails. Hopefully, they will make the videos available so that everyone can see what a jackass liar Elinoff is.

Long nose, hot air

Throughout the interview on Jones’ radio show, both Elinoff and Jones demonstrate no actual knowledge of RAIMD. They make outrageous statements again and again about RAIMD. Yet, not once did either Elinoff or Jones actually try to contact RAIMD for an interview or comment before slandering us all over the web and airwaves. Elinoff and Jones are not interested in truth. They are interested in sensationalism. Facts do not matter. Otherwise they would have contacted us and done a proper interview. Jones did not even try to contact RAIMD for comment before broadcasting slander against us nationwide.

Interestingly, we did not even know who Elinoff was until this article and interview started circulating. The only thing we really remember about Elinoff at the community forum is that he seemed strangely fixated on the fact that hip hop artists The Coup were mentioned as one of the acts that might play at the DNC protest events. Apparently, The Coup had an album cover that was released before 9/11 that showed the World Trade Center blowing up as a statement against global capitalism. The Coup’s Boots Riley explained this album cover publicly shortly after 9/11. (5)

It was news to us that Elinoff had a beef against Recreate 68. We gather from Elinoff’s own statements that he is upset about not getting the spotlight for the 9-11 Truth Movement at the DNC protests. For Elinoff, if he doesn’t get the spotlight for 9-11 Truth, then, all of a sudden, everyone else is an agent, according to his logic. If he doesn’t get his way, then he’ll try to wreck the hard work of others. So, Elinoff spouted off a number of sensational lies against RAIMD (and others) in order to try to wreck Recreate 68. RAIMD is a natural target because our politics are already considered controversial even within the activist scene. Not to mention that in the interview Elinoff often mixes up various individuals and groups. None of this mattered to Alex Jones, who is hardly concerned about accuracy. Jones is just looking to make a sensational splash. So, Elinoff was given airtime on national radio by Jones to bully the local Denver activist community, of which Elinoff is not even a part.

RAIMD, as an organization, has no official position on the 9-11 events. RAIMD is not opposed to legitimate research into unanswered questions pertaining to 9-11. RAIMD is opposed to the underlying racism and anti-migrant populism in the 9-11 Truth Movement, and will continue to oppose it. RAIMD is opposed to pinocchios like Elinoff who slander real activists. The 9-11 Truth Movement often complains that they are ignored. With unprincipled clowns like Elinoff as your pointmen, what do you expect?


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(2) http://truthalliance.net/Profiles/MyProfile/tabid/113/PID/5/Default.aspx

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(5) http://www.daveyd.com/bootsonthewarpolitics.html


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2 responses to “RAIMD Responds to Truthalliance.net Article

  1. Anarchy in the U.$.

    It’s really a shame that the Truthers are acting like this. Instead of establishing a limited unity and cooperation with other groups wanting to protest the DNC, they break out into hysterical wrecking activities when others don’t concede to their wishes.

  2. FcukAmerica

    Alex Jones is an American nationalist who is virulently anti-Mexican/Latino. He’s throwing his characteristic hissy fit over immigrant/Latino or Leftist actvism by playing the Patriotism card.

    Like the recent media tizzy over Jeremiah Wright, these Good Americans are afraid to face the fact that America deserves to be hated, and is, in fact, widely despised around the world.

    For these people, this idea is a Thought Crime, a heresy to the Gospel of Americanism and their religious belief that the USA is the bastion of goodness itself (ala John Winthrop’s belief that the USA was created as a “City on a Hill” by God).

    No matter how many crimes the USA commits like its genocide against Iraq or even the 9-11 Reichstag Fire (which these people themselves admit) they still believe in America.

    As for the 9-11 Truth Movement, there are many different political factions within it. Some–like Jones–will question the official lie about Sept. 11, but they dare not question even greater lies like the national mythology that the “USA was founded in principles of democracy and liberty.” (Just ignore that little thing called Black Slavery or Native Indian genocide).

    In general, the INTERNATIONAL 9-11 Truth movement has much more to offer than the America faction–for obvious reasons.

    How much can you trust patriotic Americans to hold their own nation FULLY ACCOUNTABLE for what is probably the greatest individual act of terrorism in history, the Sept. 11th false-flag terror attack?

    How can you trust the criminal to hold himself guilty for the crimes that he has committed?

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