More Lies From Jonathan Elinoff and “”

Elinoff can’t keep his lies straight, exposes himself.


We are not interested in giving history lessons to Jonathan Elinoff. Needless to say, his understandings of both Gandhi and Martin Luther King in his latest post are of the typical Hollywood variety. (1) We don’t seek to have any discourse with someone who is a complete liar. If Jonathan Elinoff wants to have a debate on the history of social movements and violence, we will discuss that with him only after he publicly comes clean. We will not discuss any of our materials with Elinoff until he admits what almost everyone reading these exchanges knows already. We will not allow Elinoff to change the topic. Until Elinoff publicly explains why he completely fabricated lies about encounters and statements that never happened, we will have nothing to do with him. Also, we have no connection to DAN as Elinoff implies.

Elinoff’s words speak for themselves. Let’s take a look.

Elinoff, credible or not? You be the judge.

Our characterization of Elinoff’s interview on Alex Jones:

It was news to us that Elinoff had a beef against Recreate 68. We gather from Elinoff’s own statements that he is upset about not getting the spotlight for the 9-11 Truth Movement at the DNC protests. For Elinoff, if he doesn’t get the spotlight for 9-11 Truth, then, all of a sudden, everyone else is an agent, according to his logic. If he doesn’t get his way, then he’ll try to wreck the hard work of others. So, Elinoff spouted off a number of sensational lies against RAIMD (and others) in order to try to wreck Recreate 68. RAIMD is a natural target because our politics are already considered controversial even within the activist scene. Not to mention that in the interview Elinoff often mixes up various individuals and groups. None of this mattered to Alex Jones, who is hardly concerned about accuracy. Jones is just looking to make a sensational splash. So, Elinoff was given airtime on national radio by Jones to bully the local Denver activist community, of which Elinoff is not even a part. (Italics ours.) (2)

On April 22nd, Elinoff describes his appearance on Alex Jones:

No one from Truth Alliance or We Are Change Colorado are making accusations that because 911 Truth was not given a fair presence at the R-68 demonstrations that they must be agents. Concerns were raised as to when R-68 said they were still looking for speakers and talent for their event, many truthers include musicians and talented speakers. Why wouldn’t they want to give 911 Truth a fair presence on their stage with their speakers and talent? No one is upset that they weren’t given that opportunity, but thought that other groups should be aware that R-68 is working with many activist groups that promote all kinds of messages, including those that are extremely controversial, to say the least, to which will be granted time on the stage. (Italics ours.) (3)

Excerpts, rough transcripts from the Elinoff on Alex Jones:

17:30 Elinoff: This is RAIMD, its a violent anarchist group that is attending the Recreate 68 meetings. They are given open arms. By the way, they [Recreate 68?] gave us the stiff arm when we asked if 911 truth could have any speakers… Our movement is huge. He said, “no we don’t agree with 911, you stay away from us.” You give every activist group an invite and an open arm and you stiff arm us?

18:00 Jones: they’re operatives… they’re operatives.

18:10 Elinoff: eh. yeah. The whole thing stinks, it just not adding up this, RAIMD.

18:15 Jones: They’re state police. They’re operatives. There are Defense Intelligence… Army, Navy.. There’s Homeland security in there… Very dangerous, very dangerous.

19:15 Jones: Black ops, exposing the enemy’s tactics. (Italics ours.) (4)

Elinoff’s April 16th Statement on the Alex Jones radio show reasonably matches up with our characterization. If people can stomach hearing Elinoff and Jones attack the Denver activist scene for nearly twenty minutes, they should listen to the Jones show in its entirety. In the full show, Elinoff and Jones engage in twenty minutes worth of badjacketing against local activists. Both sought to bring the police down on local activists. This in spite of posturing as against the “police state.” Elinoff’s tame presentation of his appearance on Jones is a lie.

Elinoff makes a fool of himself, can’t keep his lies straight

As we have already stated, Elinoff simply made up the story about blood, urine, and molotov cocktails. It was based on absolutely nothing at all. In fact, RAIMD has never engaged Elinoff in a conversation.

Elinoff exposes Elinoff; he can’t keep his lies straight. In the following passage from the April 16th article, Elinoff claims that he spoke with RAIMD directly about the urine and blood:

After speaking with RAIMD, We Are Change Colorado became aware that they intend to throw bags of urine and blood on cops at the DNC protests, all under the name of the umbrella organization ReCreate 68. See their website here: (Italics ours.) (5)

In the following passage from his Alex Jones appearance, Elinoff again claims that he spoke with RAIMD. In addition, he claims he has a video of the exchange! Of course he doesn’t have video because the exchange with RAIMD never happened. He only says so to gain credibility with Jones, who uncritically laps up everything Elinoff says:

15:20 Elinoff: We did go to the meeting Sunday here for Recreate 68. We able to find a group — RAIMD — who we got all of this on camera and we are going to get it up on truth alliance... We are still editing it and basically they admitted to us first of all I said are you familar with Ghandi and the success of Martin Luther King being peaceful and that’s when the founder of RAIMD — these are the guys running Recreate 68 heads up — he says to me, “Violence is he only thing these f’in cops understand.” I looked at him and I said, “are you kidding me?” So that is what kicked off the whole debate about violence and nonviolence being effective. He handed me off a dvd called “Troublemaker” that he’s been handing out at Recreate 68 meetings. This DVD is put out by this RAIMD group — revolutionary anti-imperialist movement Denver — … It’s all verified, they even admit all this, they are telling people to bring bags of blood and urine and throw it on the cops no joke this is against the law. (Italics ours.) (6)

After we exposed Elinoff in our latest post, all of a sudden, Elinoff changes his story. No longer does he have a video as he claimed on the Jones show. Now, he is no longer even claiming to have heard the conversation! Rather, Elinoff now says that this is all a potential misunderstanding and that his knowledge comes from “two confidential sources.” Elinoff tries to shift the blame for the lies onto two non-existent confidential sources:

RAIMD has made statements denying that they were planning to throw bags of blood and urine on police at the DNC protests, which Truth Alliance has 2 confidential sources for, including a witness who overheard a conversation involving police. If these sources were lying or inaccurate, we apologize for the misunderstanding. (7)

Again, we don’t have to refute Elinoff because he can’t even keep his story straight. Anyone with any sense should be able to see what is going on here. Elinoff is changing his tune after being exposed.

Elinoff makes understatement of the year

In Elinoff’s April 22nd post, he actually describes a point he actually made on the Jones Show:

In the interview with Alex Jones, Jonathan did not say that RAIMD was ReCreate 68, but rather specifically identified that ReCreate 68 was an umbrella organization which is working with many different activist groups including RAIMD and that activists groups, when centralized, will be all lumped in together as one group, which is what will probably happen. ( 8 )

The above passage from the 22nd is referring to the following passage from the Jones Show:

16:40 Elinoff: This thing (RAIMD?) is designed to sabotage … this whole thing is going to drown out any message we have all this is under the umbrella of Recreate 68…

17:00 Jones: We’ve gotta blow their op.. We’ve gotta blow their op… You got to get that video up now and you have to demand the police …. they are calling for hardcore felonies.. they have shields and weapons on the website…(Italics ours) (9)

Earlier in the same Jones interview:

15:20 Elinoff: ..these are the guys running Recreate 68 heads up.. (italics ours) (10)

Elinoff may not have said that RAIMD was Recreate 68. However, he did say that RAIMD are “running Recreate 68.” And, anyone who listens to the full interview will see that Elinoff purposefully blurs the line between various organizations and individuals. Elinoff is not interested in truth, he is interested in his own petty agenda. For the record, RAIMD is not running Recreate 68. RAIMD is one of many groups within Recreate 68.

Why would Elinoff say that RAIMD is running Recreate 68? The answer is simple. Elinoff is trying scare people away from Recreate 68, something he does throughout the interview on the Jones show. He is trying to wreck Recreate 68 because he wants the spotlight for 9-11 Truth, and himself.

Elinoff on Elinoff

Elinoff is a petty liar whose words speak for themselves. We don’t have to expose him because he does a good enough job of that on his own.

What is most revealing about all of this is how people like Elinoff and Jones require absolutely no evidence to make outrageous claims. Jones, or Elinoff for that matter, knows nothing about the local activist scene. Yet Jones allowed the jackass Elinoff time on national radio to smear the Denver activist scene. Jones even joined in with the smear campaign.

RAIMD has nothing against people seriously researching 9-11. Our problem with Elinoff has nothing to do with 9-11. It has to do with the fact that he is a petty liar who attacks the local activist scene all over the national media. He is a petty liar who threatens to call the police on activists on bogus allegations. Jones gave Elinoff national air time and joined in. Elinoff pulls dangerous lies out of thin air. He changes his story right and left such that Elinoff’s own words betray him. He distorts and lies all over the place. People like Elinoff and Jones are not about truth, they are not even about a minimal standard of journalistic integrity. They are about their own petty agendas.





4. Our transcriptions of the Alex Jones MP3s may not be exact. We have used “…” to indicate missing text. Listen to the full Alex Jones Show where Elinoff is interviewed. MP3.


6. Our transcriptions of the Alex Jones MP3s may not be exact. We have used “…” to indicate missing text. Listen to the full Alex Jones Show where Elinoff is interviewed. MP3.



9. Our transcriptions of the Alex Jones MP3s may not be exact. We have used “…” to indicate missing text. Listen to the full Alex Jones Show where Elinoff is interviewed. MP3.

10. ibid.


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4 responses to “More Lies From Jonathan Elinoff and “”

  1. Nice work, gentlemen. I been cracking up all morning.

  2. listenup

    That clown Elinoff was on Alex Jones again on the first week of June 3rd. He’s a real drama queen. He’s still out there badjacketing the local activist scene. He’s also pretending he’s some kind of victim, which is absolutely funny considering he is the one who attacked local activists in national media with a story that was 100% lies — as his own words show, threatened local activists by threatening to report them on bogus charges, etc. What a piece of shit.

    This clowns claim to be against the police state. In reality, they are its front line dupes.

    Elinoff is too stupid to matter though. He will be unable to split anyone off from the protests.

  3. RAIM-D Fan Club

    I don’t believe all the 9/11 Truthers are like his Jonathan Elinoff. I have a co-worker who is into 9/11 and they truly hate the government. They would never threaten to call the police on fellow revolutionaries as Elinoff did on national radio. I would trust my co-worker to be there up on the metaphorical barricades with us when the shit hits the fan. We have to be on guard. People like Elinoff will weasel into the activist scene. They’ll use whatever mask they have on hand.

    Great blogger by the way! I’m white and I agree with you 100%. I consider myself an anti-authoritarian. Your politics are spot on with mine. I can tell you this though. Most of the people who consider themselves anti-authoritarians, Anarchists, Marxists, radical feminists, etc. are really just latent white chauvinists. If you scratch the surface a little, the truth comes out.

    Love the reading list also. Churchill is great — of course I had read his books before. But, I’ve never read anything like the Sakai and Piao before. Opened my eyes. I realized that I am just beginning my political education.

  4. tictac

    I hear that Bumble Fuck and Blister Shit — opps, I mean Alex Jones and John Elinoff — were on Peter Boyles on the 22nd. As usual, they went off on their loony tune ramblings about how RAIM is the puppet master behind some vast R68 conspiracy.

    They discovered the secret. RAIM is junior illuminati. Sent here by the Third World to manipulate the First World into destroying themselves. RAIM has been able to take over every movement in Denver except for We Are Change. The super geniuses led by Elinoff with their advanced security techniques have been able to wage a tit-for-tat struggle against RAIM so far.

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