Upcoming Dead Prez Shows

Dead Prez has two shows coming up. Proceeds from both are going to Tent State University and Recreate 68 to support the ‘Festival of Democracy’ and other peaceful protests against the Democratic National Convention.

Tuesday, May 6, 8 pm at the Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder
Wednesday, May 7, 8 pm at Cervantes, 2637 Welton St., Denver

As it turns out, last February Dead Prez played at show at Evergreen College. What began as a peaceful protest when campus police arrested a concert-goer, turned into a “riot” only after the Olympia Pig Department ran in brutalizing the growing crowd.

Here’s a short documentary on it.

Here’s more footage, doesn’t include any “riot” footage

Part 1

Part 2

Fuck the Pigs


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2 responses to “Upcoming Dead Prez Shows

  1. MK

    haha shit! RAIM IS FAMOUS! once you get over the initial shock of how fucking idiotic they act its actually pretty funny.

    Guess this piss and blood thing is gonna stick with you for a while thanks to liar fucks like Elinoff and Jones.

  2. Etheridge Knight

    The Warden said to me the other day
    (innocently, I think), “Say, etheridge,
    why come the black boys don’t run off
    like the white boys do?”
    I lowered my jaw and scratched my head
    and said (innocently, I think), “Well, suh,
    I ain’t for sure, but I reckon it’s cause
    we ain’t got no where to run to.”

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