ZAPATISTA play today

Our word is our weapon!
¡Nuestra palabra es nuestra arma!

A bilingual play by Teatro Milagro

Thursday, May 1st, 1 PM
St. Cajetans
Auraria Campus

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc, in collaboration with Metro State Student Student Activities and The University of Colorado  – Denver are proud to present ZAPATISTA, the story of Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos and the Zapatista National Liberation Army.  This intriguing tale shares the struggles and successes of the man behind the mask who, in his fight for human rights, proves that the spoken word is a powerful implement for social change.  ZAPATISTA will perform for one day only in St Cajetans at 1 PM on the Auraria Campus.  For more information contact Jose Guardiola of the Sigma Lambda Beta’s at 720-629-2368.

From the mountains of Mexico’s southeast, a small band of Zapatistas made their first strike at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, 1994.  With the help of the Internet, news media and hundreds of international NGOs, their struggle still continues for indigenous rights, territorial rights, women’s rights, everything for every oppressed group that is willing to stand up for their beliefs.  “I am Mayan in San Cristobal, gay in San Francisco, black in South Africa — any human being in this world who is exploited, marginalized and oppressed, resisting and saying enough! ¡Ya basta!”

In this exciting new work, Gilberto Martin del Campo, noted actor from Mexico, plays the role of Marcos.  Omar Vargas, 8-year veteran of the Milagro troupe, plays the role of his principal Mayan cultural advisor, Don Antonio.  Jorge Madrid, from Honduras, plays the role of the Zapatista leader Comandante Tacho.  Dañel Malan, company Artistic Director, plays Comandante Ana Maria.  Milagro’s signature mural is designed and painted by Jesus Kobe from Oaxaca.

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