Immortal Technique: Third World

From his new album, dropping June 24th

Here is an excellent review from the Monkey Smashes Heaven blog:

reviewed by rwp (

Immortal Technique comes back blasting after a four-year hiatus. His new album/mixtape, The 3rd World, drops June 24th.

The latest single, which happens to be the title track, is pretty self-explanatory. One of the opening lines is “from where police brutality’s not half as nice, it makes the hood in Amerika look like paradise,” underscoring the stark contrast between the situation faced in the First-World and the Third-World. Tech describes the grim realities of the Third-World to his predominately-Western audience in jarring detail. He uses his place of birth as his frame of reference, prefixing lines with “where I’m from,” referring to Peru—his birthplace. He grew up in Harlem, New York.

It’s refreshing to hear something from Tech that doesn’t mention the Illuminati, George Bush or the word “faggot.” DJ Green Lantern’s cutting-edge production and Tech’s mesmerizing, lyrical wizardry combine to produce an agitational sucker punch. Musically, the track is in the top of its class. This will be a hit among hip-hop fans nationwide as Rock the Bells tour commences this summer.

There isn’t really anything negative to say about this particular track. Its calculated, tongue-in-cheek humor is impeccable and guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone within a listening distance. It’s very rare, if not unprecedented, that a rapper focuses his attention on the Third-World.

“Revolution will come where I’m from, the Third-World son” couldn’t be more correct. It is doubtful that Immortal Technique has a consistent, worked out view on the labor aristocracy, but, at times, his lyrics are internationalist. This is definitely a notch above the Amerika-first, chauvinist current in the Amerikan so-called left. For the same reasons, this song is a notch above Tech’s previous work.

Tech also addresses neo-colonial, comprador rulers in the Third World. Just because Third World states are led by non-Whites does not mean that Whites aren’t still pulling the strings. Third World states have nominal independence. In reality, they are controlled by imperialist capital:

“They might even have a Black president but he’s useless because he does not even control the economy, stupid.”

This is the best material from Immortal Technique yet.

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  1. ILL_GIL

    Yeo Immortal…. man you the truth i’m from the third world too
    and i know how it feels down here ……
    its real man………………peace………….

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