Fuck The Troops: The Video [update]

We made the video shorter and faster for an enhanced ‘fuck the troops’ viewing experience.

Here for you now: Fuck the Troops v. 1.0

Also check out our pamphlet, also entitled Fuck The Troops.




As Youtube and Liveleak banned it, the video is currently on this site:



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2 responses to “Fuck The Troops: The Video [update]

  1. Christine A Jubic

    Was looking forward to viewing this vid. Reflects my own feeling about the “Fucking Troops,” being either brainwashed volunteers who actually think they are “fighting the good fight,” or they have signed up for economic and not political reasons (i.e.; $20,000 incentive recruitment bonus) or they are paid mercinaries who care not who is right or wrong but kill for whoever pays them..in this case it is U.S. Any chance to view this vid?

  2. Youtube banned the video, but it is available here at this site: http://megavideo.com/?v=RXRB381M

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