Why We Say… Fuck the Troops!

Watch this cracker whine that he isn’t allowed to murder Iraqi kids for throwing rocks at his pig ass.

Listen carefully for the kid shouting “fuck you!” We are proud of you little RAIMer, keep it up!

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One response to “Why We Say… Fuck the Troops!

  1. TerrorVision

    Damn, it’s just so pleasing to see a new wartorn generation arising in Iraq, with a deep hate for everything american.

    These kids will eventually learn the ways to fight the beast, perhaps better ways than their fathers, but no less dangerous and deadly.

    And some of them will rise to positions in a new Iraq, liberated and independent of the gangbanging scums, the dreck leftovers, the junkies, the suburban scrape that for some unfathomable reason proclaim themselves an “army”.

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