Don’t Ever say We Censored Your F*%king Sh*t Cracker!

Yes, we get comments. Some we don’t post simply because the troglodytes that write them are altogether dumb as a fucking brick and to post them wastes precious space on the internet. However on occasion, we get some whoppers from Amerika’s proud White Proletariat. Therefore, in the spirit of free speech, we’d like to share some of them with you:

“Ronnie” said in response to: “Obama Shocks Arab World, Touts Imperialist Credentials

The article is jewish bullshit.
Due to total jewish US mainstream media control,
Obama had to deliver this lip service before the
AIPAC. Eating crow and assuring everyone what
they want to hear is part of the election process
and does not mean anything.

“Mike” said in response to: “Why We Say… Fuck the Troops!”

Just stumbled across this website. I assume this is some sort of nigger run site, where you pretend that you’re real human beings, and not human/chimpanzee missing links, which you are, of course. Have a banana and carry on. Try not to eat each other, ok?

“Mike” also said in response to: “Yippie: A Blast from the Past!

Ah, yeah, that Jew-boy Rubin. Did you know that you’re sorry nigger asses were brought over to America on Jewish-owned slaves ships? Jews have such love for the “schvartzes,” don’t they? Come to think of it, everybody; Whites, Jews, Asians, Hispanics; they all hate you.

No matter what, you blacks always end up at the bottom of the pile. Affirmative action and welfare, and you still can’t get your sorry black asses together.

Hey, I’m all for Black Nationalism, You chimps can go back to Africa and leave the humans alone. Just think, you could fuck monkeys, cannibalize and eat each other, put ashtrays in your lower lips, do voodoo magic to your hearts content, and do whatever it is you do in your natural state, to your hearts content!

Just think of the “black utopia” you could create! Tin shacks, starvation, murder and rape! It’s a “black paradise!”

US Marine said on: “Why We Say… Fuck the Troops!”

Fuck it throw a couple Flash Bangs out the window at those little fuckers. Or throw some Sting Gernades… That will stop the fuckers.

And finally, Fuckyou, responding to the same post said,

You call that a beating? I actually fapped while watching that. They deserved way worse you cunt.

Enlightening indeed.


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6 responses to “Don’t Ever say We Censored Your F*%king Sh*t Cracker!

  1. MK

    Many laughs were had, thank you NB. Nice to see the white trash turnout on your blog, you ungrateful nigger you. Go back to Afrika. hahahaha and stick an ashtray in your lip while your at it. Christ, This is too much fun to read.

  2. i feel sorry for those people…
    imagine having to live within a worldview
    that actually stunts your growth???

    i grew up with people like that
    in the 100% Caucasian
    government housing of my youth…
    i physically opposed them then,
    now i just weep…

    love the site,


  3. Don

    After reading many of the articles and postings at RAMID, I think it is important to point out that there is an enlightened segment of the white race that is dedicated to assisting with the advancement of the Black race, even if it means at the expense of their “white privilege.” Many of us who hold these beliefs are considered race traitors, but it is a title that we wear as a badge of honor and as Dr Noel Ignatiev stated, “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.” It is also an acceptance of all that the Black race has contributed to this society and had it not been for the wrongful deeds of our white ancestries, an acknowledgment of the dominance of Blacks as a race.

    To this end there are some mainstream organizations, made up of progressive, liberal whites who are white anti-racists, wanting to end white privilege and are support reparations.

    One organization is Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation (CURE), Their statement of belief is as follows:

    We, an organization of white Americans, express our deep remorse for the ongoing wrongs committed by our people against Black men, women and children in the U.S. and throughout the Diaspora who are descendants of enslaved Africans.

    We see the United States of America as immoral from its very foundation because of the lie of white superiority and the commission of the crime of slavery, and we dedicate our lives to fundamental change within ourselves, and in our society.

    We dedicate our time, energy, talent and resources to support and advocate, without reservation, the movement for full and complete reparations to the descendants of enslaved Africans in the U.S. and throughout the Diaspora.

    We support and advocate reparations proposals put forward by Black leaders, recognizing that white Americans have no part in deciding what is required to repair and restore the descendants of enslaved Africans individually and collectively, and that these decisions belong to Black people alone.

    We state that full and complete reparations must be paid not only for slavery and the atrocities that flowed from slavery, but for the ongoing effects of slavery that exist today.

    We mourn the fact that many things can never be restored to the descendants of enslaved Africans: the lives of countless people, the connection to family lineage and home, and the mother tongue and original identity.

    We appreciate the efforts of white abolitionists toward emancipation, while realizing that true emancipation of the enslaved Africans will not be achieved until their descendants enjoy the freedoms that reparations will provide.

    We state that the U.S. Government is obligated to provide financial and other support for citizenship choices of the descendants of enslaved Africans, whether they choose full and equal U.S. citizenship, semi-autonomous or autonomous self-government, dual citizenship or migration/repatriation.

    We call upon the families of the white American aristocracy that directly benefited from slavery to voluntarily pay their fair share of the reparations debt with wealth gained from slavery, the slave trade, and slavery related enterprises.

    We are truly grateful to the Black community for allowing us an opportunity through the reparations movement to make amends, however inadequate, for the crimes of chattel slavery and slavery’s ongoing effects – crimes most unconscionable, most damaging, and most burdensome to the human spirit.

    We express remorse for all crimes committed in the name of white supremacy and we pray for justice to be done in the United States of America and around the earth.

    Another organization is the White Anti-racist Community Action Network (WACAN),, which offers a protected online space where white anti-racists and people of color who support and encourage white anti-racists can assemble, network, share in community, and act to transform our larger society to one that is racially just.

    Although it is no longer active, Race Traitor at provides some insightful information.

    I encourage all whites to make themselves available to assist in any way possible to ensure that Blacks get all that is rightfully theirs.

  4. white cornerback

    Don, when you write “had it not been for the wrongful deeds of our white ancestries, an acknowledgment of the dominance of Blacks as a race,” does this mean that you view blacks as morally, mentally and spiritually superior to whites? Are you a white supporter of Black supremacy?

  5. Curious question by white cornerback (Pat Tilman’s ghost?), who really takes his supremacy seriously. Like, does black or Asian or Latino supremacy exist? Lol

    An even more curious question comes to mind after reading the comment which white cornerback responded to. The idea that white folks must become “enlightened” to commit national suicide has broad implications. It means that black folks need to commit national suicide as well, since our nationality in the US is North American. We black folks have to shed our whiteness. Ever think about that one? Ridiculous? Absurd? Paradoxical.

  6. Anti-Amerikkkan

    Blacks under u$ occupation have largely become white. Although certainly an oppressed nation, Blacks are also an exploiter nation that absorbs imperialist superprofits by dint of being integrated into the united $nakes of amerikkka. The Black nation is therefore a parasite, just like the white nation, and that is why it tends to support u$ imperialism despite suffering centuries of oppression at the hands of the white oppressor nation.

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