RAIM-Denver’s DNC Events Schedule

Below is a schedule of the main protest events and actions during the Democratic National Convention. Far from being complete, this schedule is limited to those which either RAIM is participating on some level or those which we feel are otherwise noteworthy.

[This is a limited online edition of our schedule. A fuller one will be available at the protests]

Sunday, 24th

8:30AM-3PM State Capital Building (begin) to the Pepsi Center
End the Occupations March and Rally

Obscure your face and join RAIM-Denver in an “USA Off The Planet” contingent to protest Amerikan occupations world-wide. Performances by Dead Prez and David Rovics and numerous speakers before and after the march.

3pm-5 State Capitol Building
RAIM Orientation.

Talk with RAIMers, find out what we’re about, what we’ll be doing over the course of the week and how you can help.

5pm [Super Secret Event]

Monday, 25th

9am-1:30 pm Civic Center Park to the Federal Courthouse
Freedom March

From Guantanamo Bay, to ICE detention centers, Mumia Abu Jamal and the disproportionate number oppressed nationals in Amerika’s prisons, join RAIM and Recreate ‘68 in a march for freedom.

2pm-5pm [Super Secret Event]

Tuesday 26th

11am-2:30pm [Super Secret Event]

4pm Civic Center Park
Third World Liberation/ First World Alliances teach-in

We have no idea exactly what this teach-in is about or who organized it. Nevertheless, we’re going to find out. So join RAIM-Denver for a teach-in on Third World Liberation and First World Alliances.

Wednesday 27th
6pm Skyline Park
RAIM-Denver Discussion Group: Anti-Imperialist Philosophy and Practice

RAIM-Denver will be holding a 3 person panel on anti-imperialism. We’ll be talking about imperialism as global system, its social and material implications and offer practical advice drawn from our own in experiences in organizing and activism. Followed by a Q and A.

Thursday 28th

9am Rude Park, one block south of Colfax on Federal (begin), to Lincoln Park (12th and Mariposa).
Immigrant Rights Rally and March

This march will no doubt be tinged with integrationist, pro-amerika sentiment. RAIM-Denver will be there supporting Mexican National Liberation and agitating for anti-imperialism.


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2 responses to “RAIM-Denver’s DNC Events Schedule

  1. iloveraim

    I saw you at your booth and yelling down the minuteklan. I love you! I love RAIM!

    xxoo from Houston. I wish we had a revolutionary group like yours here.

  2. Goliath is dying

    Dear iloveraim,

    All it takes to start a RAIM chapter is start spreading the word, print and distribute our material, make your own and share with us. Start a website and stay in touch. All Victory to the Oppressed!

    Goliath is dying

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