Day 5, DNC Protest

The day began early with an “Immigrants’” Rights protest. The protest was even more pro-amerikan and pro-integrationist than usual. In Denver, there are a number of pro-establishment Chicano groups. These groups often function to channel potential for revolutionary energy into dead-ends like voting for the Democrats or joining community organizations, etc. In this case, they were the main sponsors of the event and printed out hundreds of identical “We Are America” [sic] signboards which they passed out to the crowd. Former Denver Mayor Pena even led the march.

The crowd was large, around 2,000 people. Over half of the crowd was Chicano with a much larger age range. The rest were White and included mainly older “peace and justice” types, a few self-described Marxist organizations, young self-described anarchist crust-punks, and anti-imperialists.

RAIM-Denver does not support integration of small pockets of people into Amerika. We support national liberation for oppressed nations and reparations to those currently under the exploitation of imperialism. We find unity with many in the ’Immigrant’ Rights movement in that we oppose imperialist borders. RAIM was marching in support of the Mexican National Liberation Movement under their banner. The Mexican National Liberation Movement believes in Socialist Reunification of Mexico, meaning “the unification of our people on both sides of the militarily imposed borders” under non-exploitative terms and not subject to the oppression of the United States or any other imperialist power. Earlier in the week we also shared a table with the Mexican National Liberation Movement.

We also passed out agitational “Deporten a los Pinches Gringos” screen-print patches to the crust-punks and kids.

Upon arriving at the park, there was a stage already set up and speakers began. One early speaker endorsed Obama. We stopped listening to the speakers at this point.

By this time, a number of self-described Marxist groups had set up tables. Some RAIMers decided to find out what they were about and socialize generally. As always we met a lot of cool individuals. However, organizationally they were either overtly pro-amerikan or ambiguous about the issue. We don’t waste much time arguing with people who believed in Amerikan Exceptionalism, but we did manage to peak the interest of some of the younger cadre. Before we left we also said hi and handed out literature the more clearly anti-racist, pro-oppressed nation anarchists.

The next and final rally was the march to Invesco Field prior to Obama’s acceptance speech. Interestingly, the anti-war march caught up to the pro-medical marijuana march and from afar they were indistinguishable from another.

Along the route, clear animosity appeared between World Can’t Wait, a liberal front for one or another self-described Communist Party, and more anti-imperialist elements, including Recreate ’68 and RAIM, which supported a banner brought by some Northwest comrades expressing support for Islamic anti-imperialist leaders in the Middle East. World Can’t Wait ending up hanging back to do their own thing. Personally, RAIM-D loved the anti-imperialist banner. Great job Northwest comrades.

RAIM-D passed out a special edition one-sheet to all the anti-war protestors, liberal or otherwise. The page included two articles on Obama, one which offers a analysis found nowhere else; our immensely popular Fuck the Troops; Parasitism, the Economics of Imperialism; and our FAQ.

Upon arriving at the Invesco Field, the anti-war protest split into two with the World Can’t Wait contingent standing at the corner handing out their literature to spectators. Being that they were all wearing bright orange, it distracted the pigs enough so that a large portion of the more plainly dressed anti-imperialist contingent could walk right through the first level of security. A fruitless effort given that the crowd was made up of people who view Obama as a savior, but funny nonetheless.

Before we left we got another group photo, this time with Recreate’68. As before, it turned into a small media spectacle. But we didn’t have time for every so-called “journalistic” outlet. After 5 days straight of protests, 4 miles of marching each day, dealing with the pigs and the media and coordinating different events and actions, we were all ready for a drink.

We’d like to thank Recreate ’68 for all their hard work and openness. Much thanks also goes out to various Northwest comrades whom surprised us with their displays of anti-imperialist solidarity over the week. Most of all we’d like to thank the people who worked with and supported RAIM-Denver not only during the DNC but also in weeks and months leading up to it.

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  1. NW Comrade

    and thank you for your solidarity as well RAIM-D,
    love your anarchist, communist, and otherwise anti-imperialist comrades from the northwest

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