Alex Jones’ Nervous Breakdown

The RAIMers noticed that Alex Jones was really upset at the DNC Protests this last week.  The black magic the New World Order was using at the DNC to disrupt him and the rest of the Truthers must have been pretty powerful.  Here is our tribute to his mental state.


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5 responses to “Alex Jones’ Nervous Breakdown

  1. Paddy O'Hooligan

    Lol! Jones is one crazy cracker!

    I like the music too.

  2. AntiEverything

    I like this page very much and have to say that Alex Jones is one kooky man.

    When do you intend to put up some white enslavement entries? It’d fit right in with our collective fight for liberation.

  3. Fez

    Excellent. It all went according to the illuminati plan. Looks like RAIMD’s black magic spell to make moronic white lunatics even more moronic and crazy worked. Well done.

  4. this video is priceless.

    was he pissed that I flipped him off on camera?


  5. Jackson

    Bumblefuck Jones and Blistershits Elinoff used their radio megaphone to drum up paranoia about “violence” at the conventions. Was it an accident that the police rounded up anarchists by busting into their homes right before the RNC on exactly the same allegations that Jones made: “feces and blood are to be thrown at the police”? Jones is a mouthpiece for the police state. He is a safety valve for the system. He works with the police to take out the real opposition to the system.

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