News That Happened While We Were Away

Some post-DNC happening:
*Colorado Indymedia posted an interview with Carlo Garcia, a Recreate 68 organizer who was illegally arrested by the Denver po-po during the DNC.

*Code Pink member Alicia Forrest was arrested the same day.  The cop who arrested her, Officer Scott “Back It Up Bitch!” Stewart, will not be charged.  Big surprise there, criminal pigs not getting justice.

*In the Pigs Will Be Pigs Department:

The Denver Pig Department distributed a T-shirt commemorating the DNC with the slogan “WE GET UP EARLY, to BEAT the crowds.”  It was given free to every Denver pig, and apparently piglets from other department are clamoring to buy one.  They say they distributed them after the DNC, but reports say po-po’s were wearing them under their storm trooper outfits during the convention.

There is an inevitable uproar on these shirts.  We concur with Tryworks that these shirts are simply Truth in Advertising.  After all, if the brutal Denver Pigs want to show they are brutal Denver Pigs, let’s not help them hide it. Tryworks has suggestions for other t-shirts.  RAIM may have some designs in the works too.

*Swift plant controversy.  Somali Muslim workers at Swift meat plants in Greeley and elsewhere are demanding break time during their shifts to celebrate Ramadan.  The last two years the ICE pigs raided Swift plants in a broader crackdown on migrants and deported several Mexican and Guatemalan workers.

A big part of Crackerdom that supports this repression argues that migrants take jobs that good Cracker Amerikans would otherwise take.  Well, migrants were deported, and who takes the jobs?  Somali migrants who happen to have guest worker passes.  Were not exactly taking sides with the new workers, as they benefited at the expense of other workers.  But this just shows that white Amerikans didn’t clamor for these jobs, so shut up and give back the land.

*Speaking of white settlers:

VP pick Sarah Palin was associated with a seperatist Alaskan group that wanted to break off from the U.$.  The same crackers who go gaga over a “reconquista” don’t have any problems when crackers want to secede from their glorious parasite nation.  Of course Alaska belongs to the native people there, so white people better start packing.

*More to come, stay tuned.

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