Joe the Plumber Goes to Iraq! Update!

There is a new character in the Pre$idential campaign, Joe the Plumber. Joe is your typical amerikan trying to figure out which Butcher in Chief will give him a bigger share of the stolen wealth.

Unlike the mainstream media, who are in the tank for United $nakes imperialism, we hated Joe the Plumber long before it came out that he didn’t pay his taxes and isn’t a licensed Plumber.  We hated Joe for the same reason everybody else loves him, he’s a cracker amerikkkan pigging out on the Third World.

However, it has become a major issue in this campaign how the candidates are going to help the Joe the Plumber.  For RAIM, the answer is simple; tell that cracker to pack his bags, he’s got work to do.

If Joe is really a plumber, we’ll send him to Iraq to aid in rebuilding that countrys drinking water infrastructure. A drinking water system that has been destroyed by 17 years of the U$’s genocidal war against the people of Iraq.

This, of course, doesn’t apply only to Joe. All amerikans owe reparations all over the world.  We could send electrical engineers to bring electricity to rural India, or send doctors to treat AIDS in Africa.  There is no limit to what amerikans can do to begin paying reparations for over 400 years of imperialist atrocities. My friends, this is change that us mavericks at RAIM, hope for.

Update: Thanks to our Maoist-Third Worldist comrades at Shubel Morgan for the kick ass graphic.


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14 responses to “Joe the Plumber Goes to Iraq! Update!

  1. Fcuk America

    “All amerikans owe reparations all over the world. We could send electrical engineers to bring electricity to rural India, or send doctors to treat AIDS in Africa. There is no limit to what amerikans can do to begin paying reparations for over 400 years of imperialist atrocities. My friends, this is change that us mavericks at RAIM, hope for.”

    This is truly “Change that You Can Believe In.”

    You could call it the Audacity of Hope.

  2. Beautiful: “We hated Joe for the same reason everybody else loves him, he’s a cracker amerikkkan pigging out on the Third World.”

    When Joe Wurzelbacher returned to Sarah Palin, she asked him what his emergency meeting was about.

    Joe Wurzelbacher told her that John McCain had a proposition for him.

    “I think you’d better start calling me boss,” Joe Wurzlebacher said.

  3. Ben

    You motherfuckers are on a roll.

  4. Ben

    Oopsie – I meant to say you motherfuckers are on a pita wrap.

  5. Denvercomrade

    RAIMD is the best thing going. It is nice to finally have a real revolutionary organization in Denver. Revolutionaries who actually read, who’da thought.

    Love you!

  6. Eggs100

    I hear ya, Denvercomrade. I just wish my city would wise up and get a real revolutionary organization too!

  7. Eggs,

    It’s always cool to hear from First World revolutionaries who are inspired by our efforts. However, there is nothing special about the city of Denver. There just happens to be a small group of people who are committed to propagating revolutionary anti-imperialism. It’s that simply really.

    We encourage people like yourself to not simply check up on the RAIM-Denver blog, but to use our work and effort as launching points for your own efforts and development.
    We recently released Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism, a Practical Outline, which may help in giving you ideas or practical advice. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or email.


  8. Eggs100

    thanks Nick – I tried to form a Anti imperialism club at my junior college , but they said not allowed, “this isn’t Berkely”.

  9. Eggs,

    That’s cool you’ve taken some iniative. Don’t be suprised when your endeavors aren’t met with approval. It’s not like the system is going to throw cash and legitamcy to those that seek to destroy it.

    RAIM doesn’t have a school-sanctioned ‘anti-imperialist’ club, but that doesn’t stop us from doing agitation at schools. Though i can’t speak to your exact situation, it shouldn’t stop you either. Be practical and creative.

  10. 2mv

    Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism can and must include oppressed New Afrikans within the borders of the U$A, albeit not ‘exploited’, they are still nationally oppressed. What is RAIM doing to foster nationalist consciousness in New Afrikans? What is RAIM doing to help build and support the black power movement?

  11. This comments thread has devolved beyond utility. Instead of deleting it, it has been condensed into a single post. Speculating about what RAIM is or isn’t doing is not in the least bit helpful. For our part, assuming that every single unwarranted speculation should be met with total suspicion isn’t much more helpful.
    Nick Brown Says:
    Blacks are 12 percent of the population nationally and 11% in the city and county of Denver. “Hispanics” are damn near a third. It is natural for us to focus more on issues dealing with Occupied Mexico.
    It doesn’t mean we don’t support revolutionary Black nationalism. Just with limited resources, its not a major focal point of attention for us.
    Perhaps instead of asking accusatory semi-piggish questions, you should point to some other group doing great revolutionary work around Black issues. Or if you’re local, then perhaps you could work with us in supporting Black national liberation struggles.
    Anti-Amerikkkan Says:
    Denver itself is located within occupied Mexico.
    As the comrade said, we do not answer pig questions. Rather than asking “What are *you* doing about this?”, comrades should ask “What am *I* doing about it?” In other words, if you think that not enough is being done to organize the Black nation, then get off your ass and do it yourself. Any damn fool can sit around and dream up projects for other people to take on. That’s not what’s needed in the international anti-imperialist movement, and it doesn’t count as leadership either.
    Ben Says:
    Denver itself is in occupied Cheyenne/Arapahoe land. Mexico has no more rights here than the United States.
    Eggs100 Says:
    Hey Anti-Amerikkkan & Nickie: The Apaches, Arapahos, Cheyenne, Pueblos, Shoshone and Ute nations might take exception to your description of Denver as ‘occupied Mexico’.
    Go back to the basement and revise your manifesto.
    Red fighter Says:
    The Maoist-Third Worldist “manifesto,” the KKKolumbus Day program states:
    “1. The White Nation (Amerika and Klanada) will be removed from all lands it occupies and abolished forever. The Dictatorship of the Proletariat of Exploited Nations will oversee the long term management of the imperialist nation populations.
    2. Occupied land will be returned to the Mexican people. We support the national liberation, self-determination and socialist reunification for the Mexican people.
    3. First Nations will have much of their historic land returned to them. We support their national liberation and self-determination.
    4. Land will be given to the Black Nation, possibly in the Black Belt Lands as identified by the Comintern. We support national liberation and self-determination for the Black Nation.
    5. National liberation and self-determination for all U$ colonies and neo-colonies.
    6. Massive reparations from the imperialist nations to all peoples that they have exploited or oppressed.”
    Another Manifesto was the Plan of San Diego of 1915. One version of the Plan of San Diego of 1915, one of the important documents of the national liberation movement of “occupied Mexico,” made provision to, once the White nation is destroyed, give back land to other indigenous peoples, Blacks, and even Asians who were exploited by the Whites. It is a shining example of internationalism of the oppressed.
    Ben says
    I understand your point. Mine, however, is that the land ought to go to the people who own it. There is no dispute over who owns, say, the Black Hills (to use one of the clearer examples). Anyone besides the Lakota who claims to own it is an occupying force.

    The same goes for Colorado, or, for that matter, California. Mexican claims to indigenous land, either here or in Mexico, are just as imperialist as American claims. Privileging one set of imperialist claims over another ain’t anti-imperialism.

  12. RAIM takes no position on land disputes among the oppressed nations. RAIM sees that the enemy of all oppressed nations within North America is the White Settler nation which occupies all of their land. RAIM believes that once the White Settler occupation of North America is ended, that there is plenty of land to go around. That land disputes among the Mexicano, Black, and First Nations can be easily and peacefully resolved.

  13. Ben

    That said, I’m willing to reserve this argument until after you rabble-rousers bring the United States to its knees. So, have at it.

  14. To answer 2mv in a practical manner,

    Much of our work is general anti-imperialist internationalism. You said it yourself. Blacks are not exploited. There is only one other possibility. It only makes sense for the direction of Amerikan anti-imperialism would be anti-amerikanism.

    On the other hand, RAIM generally does support- in principle-Black National Liberation. As far as I know, there aren’t any of active formations in Denver which do.
    In the past we’ve done legwork for events that revolved around Black liberation. The Malcolm X Block Party being one example.

    Generally though, due to the already mentioned social conditions in Denver, we do focus more on supporting national liberation for Occupied Mexicans and Indigenous Nations. Given an opportunity to support any national liberation movement, we usually take.

    As someone already said, we are for the destruction of Amerika. Given that Amerika is such a huge place, land claims don’t seem to be a huge long term problem, especially within a paradigm of cooperation, mutuality, and revolutionary internationalism. People should calm down.

    To all the haterz, unless you consider rooting for Obama to be manifested support for Black Liberation, then RAIM is doing more for the revolutionary liberation of the Black nation, and all oppressed and exploited nations, that any other on-the-ground group in Denver that I’m aware of. If you think it can be done better, work with us and help make it happen. Or, do it yourself and lead by example.


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