RAIM-D Commemorates the Legacy of Fred Hampton


The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver commemorates the legacy of Black Panther members Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, who made the ultimate sacrifice, being murdered by the Chicago Police and the FBI, on December 4, 1969, in Chicago Illinois.

The Black Panther Party was a revolutionary organization which advanced a line of Black Liberation and anti-imperialism in the mid 1960’s through the 1970’s. Fred Hampton was a Chicago Panther leader. Mark Clark was a Panther leader from Peoria, Illinois. Both were members of this militant Maoist Black organization which opposed capitalist imperialism and fought for socialism and the liberation of all of the oppressed. Because of the oppression of the Black nation by white settler U.S. imperialism and because the Black Panther Party operated within the “belly of of the beast,” they were targeted by the U.S. government through infiltration and eventually a plot to destroy the organization by killing and jailing its leaders.

As can be seen in the video, The Murder of Fred Hampton, Hampton was killed as part of a conspiracy by a Black undercover traitor, William O’Neal, the Chicago Pig Department, and the FBI’s counter-intelligence units. Hampton’s assassination demonstrates the depraved character of U.S. imperialist, racist police: the Black Uncle Tom traitor, O’Neal, placed drugs in the juice that Hampton drank on the eve of his murder. The drugs, supplied by the FBI, were designed to sedate Hampton heavily, so that he would not awaken during the police raid later that evening. During the raid, pigs murdered Mark Clark upon entry into the West Chicago apartment where many Panthers from Chicago and Illinois slept. Hampton’s bedroom had been marked on a hand-made map delivered to the FBI by O’Neal with an X. The cops murdered Hampton after killing Clark, allowing the blood from Hampton’s point blank head shooting to flow onto the mattress and bedding upon which he lay. After assassinating Hampton, the other Panthers in the same apartment were also shot and wounded by the killer cops of the Chicago police.

From the murders of Hampton and Clark, decades later there is not a functioning Black Liberation Movement or large anti-capitalist, anti-racist, revolutionary internationalist movement in the U.S.A. This is no doubt partly due to the murder of ‘Chairman’ Fred Hampton.

The enemy U.S. imperialist state does not want the masses of the Black nation to emulate the actions and program of its most advanced revolutionary elements, such as the Panthers. Revolutionary ideals and deeds are consistently and repeatedly denounced by Uncle Tom misleaders in the Black community, such as U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama. In revving up his program for the continuation of oppression of the Black masses and terroristic violence directed towards the people of the world, Obama, from Chicago, has the blood of Hampton clearly on his hands. The FBI all the way down to local racist police departments will not be touched by Obama and his administration.

But what will be done to oppose this? This writer proposes that revolutionaries of all persuasions every year commemorate the Black Liberation Movement with celebrations of Black revolutionary struggle on the day of the assassination of Black Panther’s Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. Additionally, from these yearly struggles, political education and action campaigns must be built nationally and internationally that fight for a revolutionary movement and liberation for the oppressed. A movement supporting the political line of Fred Hampton must be rebuilt. This is clearly what Comrades Fred Hampton and Mark Clark would demand of us. In a often quoted speech, Hampton said as much. ” I might be anywhere , but when I leave you can remember I said with the last words on my lips, that I am a revolutionary, and you are going to have to keep on saying that. You are going to have to say ‘I am the proletariat, I am the people, I am not the pigs.’ You’ve got to make a distinction, and the people are going to have to stand up against the pigs. That ’s what the Panthers are doing all over the world.”

Long Live the Revolutionary Legacy of Chairman Fred Hampton!

Forward with the Revolution!

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