Something to Think About While Going Through Your Christmas Crap…

Thought we’d take some time to review an interesting Colorado blog.

Not My Tribe is a lefty Colorado Springs-based political blog. RAIM ran into some of their writers during the DNC organizing meetings, as they were strong supporters of Recreate 68. Their politics is something we do not totally agree on, as they espouse much labor aristocracy ideologies, as do most of the First World Left. Nevertheless they do provide a good news source, and do come down more on the side of the Third World.

One recent article is by Marie Walden, titled The Advent Conspiracy. (Advent has something to do with the birth of Christ or the four Sundays before Christmas, or a coming arrival in general. Yeah, had to look it up.) It deals with a Christian based charitable group that provides wells in the Third World.


The Advent conspiracy

By Marie Walden
NOT MY TRIBE – 12/13/2008 2:05PM MDT

Consumerism allows people to create the illusion of giving without having to sacrifice anything personal. Buying loads of useless or unneeded crap, wrapping it up in mountains of toxic paper and ribbon, presenting it, often by mail, to recipients we rarely see seems a requirement for anyone who isn’t Scrooge.

Let’s try something new. Give presence this holiday season. Give time and attention, spend creative energy, become less fractured and manic, more unified and peaceful. Refuse to spend your useless gift quota ($450,000,000,000 spent each year in the U.S. divided by the American gift-buying population — that’s your required outlay). Donate part of the money saved to Living Water International,( an organization working to provide water wells to undeveloped countries.

A lack of clean water is the leading cause of death in under-resourced countries. 1.8 million people die annually from water-born illnesses, nearly 4,000 children every DAY. It’s estimated that $10 billion would solve the world’s fresh-water crisis. $10 billion. Our national priorities are beyond fucked up.



The $450 billion figure is from the Living Water International site, which in turn cites a press release from the National Retail Federation.

A cursory look at the Website of Living Water International shows it as a Christian charitable organization. We don’t quite advocate money going to this organization without further investigation, but this description does raise warning flags with us, as there is a history of first world charitable groups, especially Christian ones, aiding imperialist interests instead of those it says it is serving.

A look at these numbers show, contrary to what the author says, the Amerikan nation’s priorities are not “fucked up,” but logically follows the reasons for Amerika’s existence. The billions Amerikans will spend on consumer crap in the annual economic stimulus ritual called Christmas is stolen from poor people in the oppressed and exploited countries of the Third World. Amerikans don’t give a damn that less than 2.2 percent of what it spends on Christmas can given clean water to billions of people, they want their stuff.

We call on the Third World to take back what is theirs from these thieving Amerikans. Despite the worldwide economic crisis, Amerikans are still better off while others starve. Those few inside Amerika who stand with humanity should know who they need to side with. It’s time to turn this world upside down.


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4 responses to “Something to Think About While Going Through Your Christmas Crap…

  1. I hesitated to name Living Water because of its alignment with evangelical Christianity, a movement I find deeply offensive. However, Christian organizations often perform “good works” in the countries they are attempting to win for Christ. I wonder if the recipients of the clean water care what the motivations of their benefactors are.

    And, I’m sorry, I think a country that spends billions on holiday baubles, and trillions on a illegal war while people around the world struggle to survive has an indefensible set of priorities. I do, however, apologize for the expletive.

    I agree. It’s time to turn this world upside down.

  2. anom

    I wouldn’t recommend any sort of non-profit or NGO as an outlet for sincere humanitarianism– not without some real scrutiny.

    More often than not such organizations, regardless of their orientation (Christian, etc), act as a trojan horse into the Third World. ‘Aid’ delivered by nice looking white people, regardless of their intentions, is but a small fraction of things such as debt repayment. (Debt for what?)

    Moreover, advocating charity props up consumerism, not challenges it. One would assume by reading the original article that all it takes to help make right is to sit down and cut a check. What is a more individualist, less involved way of helping someone and contributing to a cause?

    And I’m not exactly against monetary contributions. But take a closer took at what you’re giving to. Don’t be caught up by a flashy website and pure sentiment. Far from needing more ‘help’ from the First World, the Third World needs to stand on its own and exist free from imperialist bondage. As many NGO’s would have it, the Third World would be depending on their ‘good work’ ad infinitum.

    I agree with RAIM. Spending trillions on war and as much on consumer products goes hand and hand. You can’t have one without the other. You think iraqis are stressed out because they can’t spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on holiday related expenses? Well, their not waging wars against people around the world either.

  3. Zoot Suit Alien

    It’s true that some charities do perform necessary work for those it serves, but charity is just a drop in the bucket, as it cannot substitute for systemic change and for the people themselves to organize to get resources. Often it works the other way, keeping oppressed people dependent.

    We don’t disagree that the trillions Amerikans spend on war and on consumer items (paid by stolen wealth) are indefensible, but it’s not a drifting from this nation’s priorities, it is in line with this nation’s priorities. This nation’s priorities are what the real enemy is. And don’t worry about the expletives, you shouldn’t tone things down, as there are many ineffective groups out there who already tone it down.

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Anti-Amerikkkan

    Say NO to poverty pimps. Whatever their intentions, these “charitable” organizations serve to PERPETUATE poverty.

    Vast numbers of people from the First World get fat salaries to work in “aid” organizations. They have a class interest in perpetuating poverty–their very bread and butter. They draw cushy salaries at the expense of those impoverished by imperialism.

    The analogy to the Trojan horse was a good one. Everyone should beware of Amerikkkans bearing gifts. The “Peace” Corps has often been caught spying and otherwise disrupting the countries where it operates. Other “charitable” organizations have similarly served as fronts for imperialism.

    We Maoist-Third Worldists have a program for eliminating poverty, but it doesn’t involve “gracious” hand-outs from the imperialist bloc. Instead, it involves, among other things, smashing imperialism to smithereens, proletarianizing the First World, and exacting such reparations as are deemed appropriate by the joint dictatorship of the proletariats of the exploited nations (JDPEN).

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