Support Gaza and Demonstration

Statement in Support of Gaza

Slick PDF Version –Raim-Denver: Standing with Gaza

Beginning on Saturday December, 27th, Israel once again unleashed a wave of violence against the Palestinians, this time conducting massive aerial bombings of the Gaza Strip. In what is being called the bloodiest day in the Gaza since the 1967 war, Amerikan-made F-16s rained down over 100 tons of bombs on an area of only 139 sq. miles. Since then over 315 have been killed with another 1000 injured. This will forever be remembered as another stark example of the violent and oppressive legacy of U.S. imperialism and it lackey settler-state, Israel.

Like Amerika, Israel is founded on land stolen from an indigenous population. Today, the Palestinian territory is a small fraction of its original size, existing in walled ghettos and two main geographically separated tracts: the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. In the context of this historical situation, these continued attacks on the Palestinian people can be viewed as nothing less than an act of protracted genocide.

Palestinians for their part have resisted. In 2006 the Palestinian people elected, by a landslide, the Hamas movement to Parliament. Supported by the U.S. and Israel, the ruling Fatah Party launched a coup, throwing Palestine into a brief civil war. During the fighting, Fatah regained control of the West Bank and Hamas
consolidated their rule in Gaza. Since then, the U.S. and Israel have enforced a tight embargo upon Gaza, inducing food and energy shortages which some have called a humanitarian crisis.

These most recent attacks were clearly directed towards the Hamas led government in the Gaza Strip. Police stations, civil administration buildings, Hamas offices, official military outposts and even television stations were targeted for aerial bombings. Of the killed, many were functionaries of the state: police, military, bureaucrats and local officials. The real intentions of these attacks are obvious: to cripple Gaza society even further.

Israel claims that its latest actions are aimed at stopping “rocket attacks.” The attacks referred to are mortars and small projectiles shot by small handfuls of mobile combatants. Usually fired from between half a mile and a mile away, Palestinians resisting genocide aim high towards a settlement, often hitting
nothing. Rarely, such acts of resistance kill Israeli citizen non-combatants.

Beyond philosophical questions of ‘parities’ of violence between Israelis and Palestinians, there is the question of survival. For Palestinians, every settlement represents an outpost of invasion. Like the Amerikan invasion of North America before it, the indigenous Palestinians face the real possibility of complete annihilation by Israel. With meager means and an even more desperate situation, ‘indiscriminate’ mortar attacks and even suicide bombings become viable options in fighting for survival. Those who support Palestine’s right to exist must also support their right to resist the ensuing Israeli invasion.

Like the genocide of indigenous North Americans, crude acts of resistance are used to build public opinion for further aggression. The same is happening today in Gaza. While it is hard to say exactly how many in Israel and the West actually support this latest aggression towards Palestinians, it is obvious that there is very little solidarity with Palestinian victims. This should be a lesson to the oppressed masses of the world: the First World does not care if you die.

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement joins the international chorus of outrage at this latest attack and mourning for those who lost their lives. Our sincerest condolences go out to the loved ones of those who died in this latest act of U.S.-supported Israeli aggression. We cannot imagine the pain you’ve been made to endure. Moreover, we look forward to the day when you live free, safe from aggression and oppression and in equal standing with the world community.

Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver

Demonstration in Support of Gaza
Tuesday, December 30th 3-6pm
West Steps of State Capitol Building


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2 responses to “Support Gaza and Demonstration

  1. John

    In 1939, Germany attacked Poland with the pretence that they were being attacked. Germany then murdered millions in cold blood – The Final Solution.

    Today, Israel are doing the same. Children brutally murdered. Propaganda worthy of the Nazis.
    Israel are the new Nazis. Spread the word


  2. david kohin

    i just wanted to say that israel is really a new nazist country and is killing childs every where cause its scared, childs shold not begun old man, so israel kills them, and israel is supported by usa, so usa and israel future programms are similar, killing , colonising , raising money, and drinking arab blood, but im sure that this blood will be the ccause of (israel’s deth)

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