Pro-Palestinian Rally Confronts Zionist Settler Supporters

Today, RAIM and others again stood with the people of Gaza against Israeli aggression. The local ultra-right group Ameri[kkk]ans Against Terrorism held a “pro-Israel” rally at the State Capital. A crowd of approxamately 1,000 people gathered across from the state capitol to tell the Zionist crackers on the other side that we do not tolerate settler celebrations of mass murder.

It was great to see so many families with young kids, mostly Arabs and Muslims, stand up against a celebration of the murder of innocents. Not suprisingly, there were not many white faces in the crowd, even among the so-called radicals. This is no suprise to RAIM, as the amerikan left is a “settler-left” and has no concern for the colonized people, Palestinian or First Nations, on whose land they tread.

It was also good to see more radical chants, mostly coming from the younger protesters. Chants like “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free,” and “Down with all settler states, Israel and United $nakes,” could be heard from time to time.

Overall, it was a succesful action. We put the oppressors in their place, and stood for Gaza’s victory from imperialist rule.

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