Oakland Pigs Execute a Young Black Man

Oscar Grant, a black youth in Oakland, became another victim of police terror as BART police shot and killed him execution style.  It was captured on video, and sparked many rebellions in the Bay Area.  No word yet on whether the pig who executed him will stand trial, but we’re not holding our breath for Amerikkkan (in)justice.


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3 responses to “Oakland Pigs Execute a Young Black Man

  1. Mars

    the sad state of the police state fuck those pigs.

  2. Reader

    I want to believe that he thought it was a taser… The officer seems shocked and the tasers are similar to guns in size, texture, shape, etc, so the mistake could be made.

    Of course that means at best, this would have been a video tape of the police throwing a man on the ground and tazing him, an example of the racist harassment that Blacks and other members of opressed nations face. As it is, the government’s response to something that is unarguably NOT “justified homocide,” even by stretched imagination of racist cops and the state representatives, is very revealing towards how these communities are related to each other. I imagine that we wouldn’t even be hearing about this without the cell phone video, there would be some kind of story making everything OK and the White population would sit at home and call us nuts for thinking anything might be wrong. But the confusion is natural, the police don’t treat White communities like this at all, so it takes something very damning like this to get the White community to even turn its head.

  3. Anti-Amerikkkan

    I don’t care what the pig thought. This is a clear case of national oppreSSion within the belly of the yankkkee imperialist beast.

    As the comrade said, the pigs would have covered this up completely if someone hadn’t captured it on video. Remember what happened to Rodney King? Again the criminal beating was recorded and widely publicized; yet the Amerikkkan INjustice system acquitted the pigs until a huge rebellion forced it to reconsider. If not for that video, the pigs certainly would have gotten off scot-free. (As it was, some of them got off, and two or three did a few months in a country-club prison.)

    Think of all the thousands of Black, Latino, and even white victims of pig brutality in the united $nakes whose cases get swept under the rug just because no one was around to take video. If the pigs go into denial in the face of documentary evidence, imagine what they do when it’s just their word (or oink) against an oppressed person’s.

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