It’s Right to Rebel Against Amerika’s Education


In Amerika ‘education’ means social programming. It means you must learn to conform to Amerika’s fucked up values and norms. It means instead of learning to think critically or independently, you are taught to be another Amerikan. This is the ‘education’ in store for you.

According to Amerika, your job is to fall in line and accept your ‘education.’ Your job is to become an Amerikan. Everything Amerika teaches you is part of this demand. For example, you are not taught the history of those trampled by Amerika. You are not taught about the nations exterminated, enslaved, attacked and exploited by Amerika. Instead you are taught history from the perspective of the oppressor. You are taught from the perspective of Amerika.

If you see through this rotten system, if you want to be more than another mindless Amerikan oppressor, if you want to build a new, fundamentally better world, you need more than the ‘education’ forced on you. You need a real education. You need an education which embraces the best aspirations of humanity and is rooted in the cause of the oppressed. You need a revolutionary education. Amerika’s prison schools cannot give you a revolutionary education. They can only make you a reactionary Amerikan, complacent in the tyranny Amerika projects on the people of the world.

If you want a revolutionary education, you must take up this task yourself. You must arm yourself intellectually. You must gain critical knowledge to counter the dominant thinking forced upon you. It means looking into and learning things outside of school, forming your own thoughts independent of what Amerika expects you to become.

Fortunately, the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement is here to help. Our constantly growing body of revolutionary texts (covering topics such as political economy, culture, current events, reports on actions) makes RAIM a great resource for rebellious youth. Additionally, the core group operating in Denver provides a group-model in which others can participate in and continue their revolutionary, intellectual development. Quit waiting around for Amerika to program you, start educating yourself!

It’s Right to Rebel Against Amerika and its Bullshit ‘Education!’

Stand up with the oppressed, get with RAIM!


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3 responses to “It’s Right to Rebel Against Amerika’s Education

  1. Anti-Amerikkkan

    It’s true that Amerikkka’s schools are a tool for social programming. But Amerikkkan children will grow up Amerikkkan whether they go to school or not. There is a class basis for Amerikkkanism, and it can be found in the exploitation and oppression that have elevated all of Amerikkka into the bourgeoisie. No one in Amerikkka needs to be taught to love imperialism; Amerikkkans will side with imperialism because it brings home so much bacon (stolen from the Third World).

    Even “rebellious youth” are overrated. Some of them may dip their toes in anti-Amerikkkanism, and that’s good. But very few will remain loyally and aggressively opposed to the united $nakes of imperialism. Most will quickly outgrow their rebellious phase, which may never have been truly anti-imperialist anyway, and settle into a cozy life of bourgeois Amerikkkan decadence.

  2. Fcuk America

    What is taught in America’s miseducational system is only symptomatic of America’s “core values” in general.

    American culture is an imperialist culture from top to bottom–though of course disgused behind its Orwellian lies about liberty and democracy.

    This has been true since the first European colonizers invaded this continent.

    What else could be expected from an European settler nation like the USA?

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