Fuck the Troops

youtube and liveleak banned it, but the occasion demanded it:



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7 responses to “Fuck the Troops

  1. Fcuk America

    LiveLeak has now also censored the video.

    American “Freedom of Speech” in action.

  2. Zoot Suit Alien

    Freedom of speech doesn’t apply when you oppose their empire.

    Either way, this video will get censored again. People should download this video for their own use and distribute it other ways too.

  3. Justice

    One Amerikan, one bullet.

  4. floridian

    similar video on dprogram.net. titled: fallujah the hidden massacre.

    well, of course, i’m floored.

    i’ve been let’s say EXTREMELY disappointed in this empire( let’s call it what it is)

    no wonder they hate the u$.

    unfortunately, for iraqi’s they arent like vietnam.

    too bad no large country is backing them .

    they have to hope amerika leaves and that sucks.

    i hate this occupation(s) but what can i do?

    i’m all over the net with this, but it’s barely making a dent.

    • Support the Mehdi Army and other groups opposing US power from within Iraq. The people of Iraq will not allow it to be conquered.

      The highest form of support is to “bring the war home.”

      We must dismantle imperialism from the inside.

      Remember, 1904 The Imperialist Nations of Russia and Japan went to war. 1905 the Russian Government was overthrown by it’s people.

      • uh yea, only one thing though. iraq has already BEEN conquered, and with no superpower to back them, u.s will be there forever.

        bases built there are big as cities, permanent installations.

        this is exactly why n. korea and iran need nuclear weapons, so they don’t wind up occupied for the rest of this century.

  5. yea, but apathy and ignorance rule here in the u$.

    plus, soo many police/homeland security/ feds.

    i agree with raimd. the revolution must come from the so called ‘third world’.

    p.s, wow, i get censored/banned a LOT on the net. back on twitter, for NOW.

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