MSH: Fujimori Gulty, Gets 25 years

(Via Monkey Smashes Heaven)


Ex-dictator of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, today, received a sentence of 25 years in prison. Fujimori was found to have authorized the actions of the infamous La Colina death squad that claimed the lives of 25 people in 1991 and 1992. In addition, Fujimori was found guilty of authorizing the abduction of a journalist and a businessman. (1) In reality, Fujimori is responsible for far more deaths than the 25 he is accused of. Over 60,000 people are officially estimated to have been killed or “disappeared” in the Peruvian state’s genocidal war against the countryside of Peru in the 1980s and 1990s. Fujimori, working closely with U$ intelligence, military, and narcotics agencies, enforced a bloody terrorist state on the Peruvian people.

The Alan Garcia regime, in laying the blame on Fujimori, no doubt, seeks to exonerate itself from any wrong doing. In fact, the people’s war was launched when the Garcia regime was in power. And, the Garcia regime has plenty of blood on its hands. It was during Garcia’s presidency that the newspaper El Diario’s offices were bombed. According to a declassified U$ document, Garcia was behind the attack. El Diario was sympathetic to the people’s war. In addition, Garcia maintained a secret police that carried out extra-judicial executions. (2)

The Garcia regime trying Fujimori no more cares about the Peruvian people than Fujimori. Not only is Garcia using the trial of Fujimori to distract eyes from Garcia’s own role. But, also, the bourgeois forces in Peru are getting their revenge on Fujimori for his “selfcoup” in March 1992, when Fujimori, with the aid of the military, disbanded Peru’s congress led by Garcia’s APRA, hence, Fujimori became out-and-out dictator.

“What difference is there? Why are Alan Garcia and Fernando Belaunde innocent and Alberto Fujimori guilty? Why the double standard?” asked Fujimori. (3)

They aren’t. The Peruvian people deserve true justice, not the farce of political infighting of the bourgeoisie. Fujimori, Garcia, and, mass murder and public enemy number 1, Uncle Sam should all meet their fate at the hands of the masses of the world.






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2 responses to “MSH: Fujimori Gulty, Gets 25 years

  1. Shaunsky

    The Shinning Path was always one of the most intriguing revolutionary movements.

  2. Zoot Suit Alien

    I agree. They weren’t just some romantic focoist group. They were a sophisticated political and military organization that had thousands of cadre and supporters, and nearly took over the Peruvian state. They were attacked for their violence, but Peru was a violent society, with vast inequalities and injustice against the rural indigenous peoples by the white elites, which went back centuries. No matter if you supported them or not, one shouldn’t ignore the impact they had.

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