Upcoming Anti-Imperialist Actions in Denver: No War In Afghanistan, No Kolumbus Day

If you didn’t feel there is enough to do around Denver fighting imperialism, this week will be eventful.

First, this Wednesday a march, rally, and after event to protest U.$. wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Join RAIM as we do our thing and provide platform for revolutionary, anti-imperialist politics.

Then join us this Saturday as we oppose the celebration of indigenous peoples genocide (aka Kolumbus Day).  This year’s protest will be more low key but just as creative in letting oppressors know they are oppressors.

From the Denver Anti-War Network:


March and Rally to Demand US Out of Afghanistan

DENVER, October 5, 2009— On Wednesday, October 7, as part of a month of actions around the country, the Denver Anti War Network will lead a march and rally to call for an end to the illegal US occupation of Afghanistan. The rally will be from 4:30– 5:30 at the Federal Courthouse, 19th & Stout, downtown Denver

The march will be followed by a Justice and Peace Jamboree at the Mercury Café, 2199 California, at 7:00pm, where participants will enjoy music and poetry and share ideas for continuing opposition to the war…



Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 9:30am

Demonstration at State Capitol

Confront the Racist Kolumbus Day Parade!

Oppose Settler Colonialism!

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One response to “Upcoming Anti-Imperialist Actions in Denver: No War In Afghanistan, No Kolumbus Day

  1. john halder

    so, leaving afghanistan is not an option. the imperialist scum win again!
    course, its not all obama’s fault.
    u$ is own and ran by insurance companies, corporations, lobbyists, pentagon, etc etc.
    oops, that means.. were already in a full blown dictatorship.
    even if 99 percent of this brain dead populace were for getting out of iraq AND afghanistan( i wish) amerikkka would still never leave.
    i cant WAIT for the economic collapse of this republic.
    ONLY that MIGHT bring the needed changes.
    maybe in 4 years,hopefully 40 million will be unemployed. that might shake it up a lil.

    am i rooting against this pathetic country? yes i am, and i’m proud of it.

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