RAIM Global Digest 6

RAIM Digest 6 cover

Issue 6 is now out!

-Amerikans Poison Chinese With E-Waste: RAIM-Denver
-Afghan Locals Give US Occupiers Proper Goodbye: RAIM-Denver
-Real Vs. Fake Universal Healthcare for Women: Monkey Smashes Heaven
-US Journalists Lee and Ling Ignore Role of US Policy in Impoverishing North Koreans: Stephen Gowans
-Yum! Brands PR Department Launches World Hunger Relief Campaign, Doesn’t Really Care: RAIM-Denver
-Your Playstation Has Real Blood On It: RAIM-Denver
-Harvest Season Means Forced Labor for Uzbek Children: RAIM-Denver
-Guatemala in Food Crisis, Revolution is the Solution: Monkey Smashes Heaven
-Sacred, Indigenous Sites Made Into Fill-Dirt for New Sam’s Club, Revolution Needed: RAIM-Denver
-Kolumbus Day Reportback: RAIM-Denver
-Denver Protests Ongoing Imperialist Wars: RAIM-Denver
-A Speech by a RAIM Comrade on the Eight Anniversary of the Invasion of Afghanistan: RAIM-Denver

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