RAIM Crashes Racist Tea Party

RAIM Crashes Racist Tea Party


Racist tea baggers took their anti-migrant idiocy to the steps of the capitol building. The Saturday event in Denver was part of a national day to oppose amnesty for so-called “illegal aliens.” According to the website http://www.againstamnesty.com these “Tea Parties” were to be held in 50 cities, including Denver and Durango.

RAIM learned of the meeting of the pinheads only a few days before hand. That didn’t stop RAIM from organizing a counter protest. A few days before, RAIM put a shout out to oppose the fascists and to support migrant rights.

50 teabaggers, minutemen, and other racist scum gathered at the Capitol steps on the cold morning.  RAIM and a few other migrant rights supporters turned out to counter the racists. RAIM showed up to give the racists a history lesson by pointing out that the land under their feet was stolen from other peoples, including the Cheyenne and Mexicans. We asked them where the border was in 1848 when the U.$. invaded Mexico.  “Colorado” is, after all, a Spanish word. KKKolumbus and those who followed him from Europe to this hemisphere are the real illegal migrants. If anyone should get off the land, it should be the crackers who’ve been squatting here illegally for centuries. Slogans chanted were “Get off stolen land, deport the minuteklan,” “No minutemen no kkk no fascist usa.”

The very presence of our counter demo changed the dynamic of the teabagger protest.  Despite our smaller numbers,the teabaggers were completely focused on us. Our presence provoked them, Some violently.  Many threatened violence against us from across the street.  Some crossed the street to confront us.  One old crazed cracker with a Korean War hat came across the street to us and wanted to start a fight.  He had to be held back by his wife, and then he threatened her and pushed her around.  Typical pig.  Another ugly old white trash women came and attempted to take our bullhorn.  Despite their claims to the contrary, the racism of the tea baggers was obvious to everyone. One of the baggers threw pennies at Mexicans who were present, saying “Go buy some tacos.”

Others mocked Spanish accents. Others openly stated their hatred of Mexicans. Another cracker came over and spewed racist crap about Mexicans having 15 babies at a time and being a burden on the Amerikkkan tax payer.

As we faced off, a group of high school students came by passing out flyers for a school activity.  Seeing the action, they joined our side. Kudos to the students, they had more education than the ignorant Amerikkkans on the other side of the street.

Our challenge to the teabaggers exposed their racist settler piggery.  There is no point in trying to reason with deranged people.  The “working class” and petty bourgeois Amerikkkans are the Social base of fascism. These people are some of the worst that Amerikkka has to offer.


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5 responses to “RAIM Crashes Racist Tea Party

  1. What a bunch of White trash buffoons. This White trash is what the “left” chases after — as though these racists just needed to be enlightened by the right “leftist” article. Wrong. These kkklowns, with all their hatred and bigotry, are your White working class. The White working class IS an oppressor class. Even an Amerikkkan at the so-called “poverty line” is one of the richest 13% globally. And, they know it. That is why they want to defend their privileges and wealth from migrants from the Third World. The one’s who are ignorant are the starry-eyed “leftists” out of college who imaging that these turds are the “wretched of the Earth” in the Internationale.

    White trash Amerikkka must be destroyed.

  2. Roger South

    You may have seen this already but if not it’s a great video….

    Anti-Racists Steal the Show at White Supremacist “Tea Party Against Amnesty”


    • Serve the People

      Hilarious! Great work! It shows what a bunch of chauvinist scum those “anti-immigration” activists are.

      Yankkkee, go home–to Europe!

  3. Serve the People

    By the way, I hope that the comrades at RAIM are paying sufficient attention to security. They need to be able to handle violent confrontations. A security detachment with adequate skills and resources to stave off violent crackers should attend these events. Audio and video recording would also be prudent measures.

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