Fuck the Border/Support MNL Bumper Sticker

From our comrades at RAIM-Seattle:


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2 responses to “Fuck the Border/Support MNL Bumper Sticker

  1. RAIM is tops

    Like everything, First Worldists have everything backwards. The REAL illegal immigrants are the Whites. They’ve been squatting on indigenous and Mexican land too long. They owe serious back rent. The Third World will collect. And RAIM is more than willing to help pack the bags of White freeloaders.

    I’m so sick of First Worldist pinheads. How can anyone think Amerikkkans are revolutionary? How idiotic.

  2. Fcuk America

    The entire American nation is an illegitimate country, given that it is based upon the theft and occupation of Native land.

    What is the USA but a European colonizer nation, the product of the greatest genocide and the greatest land theft in human history: the theft of an entire Western hemisphere (aka, the Discovery of the “New” World)?

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