Video: RAIM Confronting Tea Party Racists

On November 14 2009 there was a nationwide “Tea Party Against Amnesty”,  to spew hate against,  and promote violence against, non-white migrant workers. RAIM Denver went to confront these racists a few months back (see here). Someone sent a video from their side to us, here it is with some added comments.  RAIM pointed out that these crackers are on stolen land, that this is not only Mexican land but Cheyenne land and other indigenous lands.  We urged youth liberation by urging their youth to marry non-white people to piss off their parents.  Also, the tea-crackers claimed not to be racist; yet their racism comes out and is exposed, as they shout wetback, puta, and sneaks at us.  Crackerdom should be confronted whenever it pops up, and RAIM stands against settler Amerikkka.


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2 responses to “Video: RAIM Confronting Tea Party Racists

  1. RAIM is tops

    RAIM is tops. Nobody takes on these ass jacking maggot turds except RAIM. RAIM is on the front lines against the fascists.

    Want to organize the White working class? Well, here they are in all their racist glory. Only a fool would try to organize these kkkrackers. Organize them for what? To attack Mexicans? To wage war?

    White workers have no class interests with the true proletariat in the Third World. It takes serious blinders to ignore this basic fact about our society. There are no shortage of fools though. Nobody is able to deluded themselves like activists. It takes a special kind of foolishness to think that standing in streets with signs will do one drop of good for Palestine or that First World workers give a shit about the world. First Worldists crack me up.

  2. Zoot Suit Alien

    It is true that First World so-called working class are not a revolutionary agent, and are more likely to be reactionary. People should read Settlers by J Sakai to see that white Amerikans have almost always been reactionary agents, as they live off stolen land and stolen resources.

    Despite this, revolutionaries in the First World should still do political work. Anyone with the correct analysis can be a revolutionary, whether they are “working class,” middle class, or millionaires. Just don’t think that any of these classes, especially the labor aristocracy that gets confused as proletariat, can be revolutionary as a class. Just because you worked in construction doesn’t mean you have class consciousness. Just because you have credit card debt doesn’t mean you have objective interests with oppressed and exploited peoples. To stand with the interests of the world’s majority is to stand against the First World, against Amerika and the Amerikan majority.

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